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I want to help my daughter to keep studying!

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Hi everyone!

My name is Eneida and I live in Venezuela.

Sandra, my daughter, is studying Geodesic engineering in Caracas University. I would like to raise funds to help her keep studying!

College is 120 km away from home

Sandra is styding in Caracas University.

Her college is 120 km away from home. Nowadays, transportation is working poorly in Venezuela, so she has to take 6 hours to go to college daily.

Also, the bus ticket price was increased recently and we can't afford it any more.

If she doesn't return to college in September, she will have to stop studying

My monthly salary as a professor is 40,000 Bs.

Monthly transportation expenses for my daughter would cost 200,000 Bs, so it's impossible for me to pay it. In normal conditions, my daughter would be able to graduate this year, but there have been many difficulties.

She has received an ultimatum: She has to attend college this September again, or she will expelled.

She deserves to graduate, as she is a very good student. In order to do it, I would like to pay her a dormitory fee so she can live near to college!

Dormitory fee is $60~$80 per month

The cheapest dormitory near college costs $60~$80 per month.

If I raise $800, my daughter will be able to live there until graduation. My salary in USD value is $0.2, so I can't even imagine to pay it by myself.

That's why I decided to try crowdfunding!

Details on needed funds

I would like to raise $1,200 to be able to pay dormitory fee and daily expenses to my daughter. I would really appreciate any little support!


If I achieve my targe, my daughter will move near college.

She will be able to keep studying and graduate, and she will become a professional in the future. She need to attend school again this September, so I need help as soon as possible.

Without support, my daughter will have to stop studying.

I just want her to have same opportunity as me, but having this extremely bad economic conditions in Venezuela it's basically impossible, and it's not fair. There is no future for her without your help! Thank you very much in advance!

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