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Help me start my company! Gustavo Pacheco

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I'm Gustavo Pacheco you probably know me from the LostCity Trek, I work there for 3 years, around 95 trips !Insane! It was almost 5,000 kilometers of trekking.


Im from Venezuela and have been here un Colombia for 3 years working on both Tourist and Photography, so far all stop because of corona, no help from the government, I can't go back (situation of venezuela) so here we stay and create to move forward.


I'm creating my brand and my Production company PeppersVisuals as a graphic studio.

It have been difficult times in general, still, I believe with the help of this crowdfunding we will start the business.


The plan is to buy Equipment: lights, camera (mine doesn't work)

I'm buying I second hand one, and software (program license), new laptop to work the editing.

So far, our office is in my apartment.


I have been working on this plan since January, my plan is that for December is fully functioning.

I will keep you update about we go from the beginning and how we use your donations, we are creating audiovisuals projects in a way to thanks for every donation.


With your help, my family here and back in Venezuela, the family of my two partners also from Venezuela will also be benefitting, this because we are also their support.

Thanks so much if you can help it will be great!

Please share this so we can make the goal!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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