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Iker, who was born at 30 weeks, 960 grams and had a blood clot in his brain due to a prenatal cerebrovascular accident (which was extracted at 10 days old), because the mother was awakened by an autoimmune disease, which did not was controlled by the obstetrician.

5 days old

Third month in Neonatology

Fourth month in Neonatology about to go home

Because of what happened, he has Cerebral Palsy type Right Hemiparesis - Spastic, which was diagnosed one year after he was born. He is currently 4 and a half years old, having made progress at a motor level (fluid and coordinated crawling, transitions, hand-eye coordination, assisted frontal and lateral gait) and cognitive (more socially connected, he managed to repeat words of up to 3 consonants, repeats sounds of animals and means of transport such as the car, follows simple instructions, makes himself understand with gestures and the left hand that he is the most skillful, recognizes his songs and mimics, among other things) thanks to his first stem cell treatment made with his 2 years and 9 months, so we want to give him a second treatment again in order to continue helping him internally and improve his quality of life.

We are an Argentine-Peruvian family residing in Buenos Aires - Argentina. Dad is the one who supports the family financially, while Mom is 100% dedicated to Iker, taking him to his therapies and doctors, and as parents, we reinforce therapies at home.

The treatment that we wish to carry out to Iker is not carried out in Argentina or Peru, so no social work or insurance contemplates them, being a treatment outside of our economic scope; Only the cost of the treatment is $ USD 10,750, not counting tickets, transportation, food, and lodging.

Since the listing was made, we have been collecting slowly because the amount is strong.

The treatment must be performed in Los Angeles - California - United States by Dr. Shieh John MD. It is non-invasive and it is ambulatory where you will be given stem cells from the umbilical cord via vein and nasal (provided from a bank approved by the FDA), stimulation in the affected area by micro-currents plus exosomes (which will help the effectiveness of the cells mothers supplied). The treatment consists of 3 days. being the first day of stimulation with micro-currents in the brain, the second day is the treatment via vein and nasal in simultaneous with the stimulation of micro-currents and the third day of stimulation of micro-currents (It is very important the stimulation of micro-currents in the 24 hours post-treatment for greater effectiveness).

With this second treatment and coordinated with his therapies (Kinesiology, Occupational Therapy, Psychopedagy, and Language Therapy) we wish and we will work hard so that Iker can walk without assistance and improve his communication, managing to eliminate his anxiety and frustrations that prevent him from concentrating and put everything learned as the first option.

Help us so that Iker continues to shine as he fights it every day and deserves miracles that will make his future better. If you want to follow Iker's progress, you can follow him on Instagram and Facebook at @todosxikerman

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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