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Overcoming The Crisis By Trying to Start My Own Business.

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I am Gabriel Torres. I was a guide and independent tourism operator in Barichara Santander, Colombia.

It's been 7 months I'm out of work

While I was working as a guide, I was finishing my technological studies in Touristic Guidance at SENA Colombia. The productive stage of my career (thesis or practice) is based on the creation and legalization of a tourism company dedicated to nature tourism with hiking and trekking routes on the Royal Roads of Colombia. For this I have to carry out an exploration phase through many of the trails and Royal Roads.

It's been an unfortunate times for me. All my funds and savings have been exhausted in the last 7 months. Due to the pandemic, I have not been able to work for the last 7 months. And since I live 4 km from the nearest town, I have not received any help from the government.

My savings and part of my mountain equipment has been sold to cover my expenses. And now, when there's a job opportunity, I have almost nothing to get back on my feet.

A job opportunity calls for some equipment

Now, in Colombia there is a private tourism project organization which has been putting signs on the trails and roads of Santander to guide tourists. To continue the project in the area of The Chicamocha Canyon, a guide is needed and they want to hire me.

Unfortunately, the requirements are experience and full mountain exploration equipment. I don't have them anymore, and even worse, my bicycle, my only means of transportation to go to the nearest town (4 km), needs major maintenance.

Please support me to carry out the new job and start a tourism agency

For me it is not pleasant to make this kind of request since I have health, knowledge and many desires to work, but I have not managed to work and it is getting worse everyday.

I will like to humbly ask for funds so I can be able to buy new mountain equipment and fix my bicycle to carry out the job as a guide of Chicamocha Canyon project.

Once I finished this job and with the money paid I'll be able to continue my exploratory phase, finish my studies and pay for the legal fees to create my tourism agency.

Also, with the successful completion of my project, the benefit will not only be personal, as the tourists who visit Colombia will be able to enjoy a wider variety of hiking and trekking experiences around the Chicamocha Canyon.

In advance, I thank all the people who can help me. I am sure that everyone's efforts will be rewarded in the future.


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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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