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Help Save Children, Families In the PH (Dengue Epidemic '19)

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Good day everyone! My name is Reph Bangsil, 24, & I am a dengue survivor from the age of 7. I come from Manila, the Philippines, and I established this CrowdFunding account to raise prevention, awareness & donations for the on-going announcement of the Dengue Epidemic this 2019.


Dengue has always been a huge problem in the country resulting in 491 deaths in 2018, 336 in 2017, and a total of 622, 98% more than last year and it's only July.

As of this year, there have been 146,062+ cases of illnesses especially in the provinces of Iloilo, Central Visayas, Cebu, Laguna, Eastern Samar, and Batangas, where they have just declared a state of calamity.

The group worst affected have been children below the age of 10.

The outbreak follows a nationwide ban on the sale and distribution of the Dengvaxia vaccine where dozens of children given the vaccine as part of a nationwide immunisation programme died in the past two years. 

The firm conceded that the product could put some children at higher risk. Given this, the disappearance of Dengvaxia vaccine led to immunisation rates for both dengue and measles to plummet causing this outbreak. 

There is no sure way to battle the dengue illness once you contract it, but what we aim to do is to prevent the cause in the best way possible.


We have teamed up with schools & barangays especially in the provinces where the outbreak is more apparent to help the community by way of prevention in doing seminars, campaigns, and giving away OFF lotions or mosquito bands to every child in the area for their family to use.

Earlier this year, our team discovered a wristband that we call DengueAway™ that would help repel mosquitoes by up to 70% by way of a band that consisted of a capsule filled with citronella - a natural repellant made from the distilled oils of different varieties of grass.

Citronella naturally works by masking scents that are attractive to insects namely carbon dioxide and lactic acid in humans according to the NPIC.

One benefit of this as mosquito repellent is that it is safe and non-toxic to humans and animals.


Your donations would be used for operations, the repellants, bands, lotions, campaigns, seminars, and consistent research of what preventions would work, and giving these out to as much Filipino families/children that we could reach to. If the budget exceeds, we will donate the extra expenses to the lesser-fortunate dengue patients.


Our goal is to be able to reach as much families, schools, barangays, and villages nationwide as we could and possibly the Mayor in those cities in helping us for our cause in trying to reach out to all those affected areas. 

Countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam over the same period had 81,132 cases with four deaths reported, compared with 26,201 cases including six deaths in 2018.

In South Asia, Bangladesh has been facing its worst-ever dengue fever outbreak, putting a severe strain on the country’s already overwhelmed medical system.With your help, maybe we could reach out to them too.


We truly believe that it is our corporate social responsibility to fight for this cause and that God has given us this task to try and spread awareness, save lives in the most that we could.


We therefore appeal to each and everyone's heart to help during these times of urgency. 

On behalf of the DengueAway™ team,  we would like to thank all that supports this effort and rest assured that your help will be properly handled. 

We will also provide you the necessary updates including documentation, interviews, video-content, school names/cities, and people who we have helped with our cause. 

Please message me anytime at your convenience.

Donation Channels:BDO Debit: 00727-018-8448

Please state your name everytime you make a donation. 

Thank you!



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