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I want to help my mum to treat her uterus myoma!

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Nice to meet you! My name is Andres and I live in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

My mother has a myoma in her uterus, and I would like to raise some funds for her treatment!

About my mother's illness

My mum is 57 years old and she has a myoma in her uterus that appeared in 2017.

The symptoms started this year. She started to feel really tired, dizzy, and also had hemorrhages, so we went to the doctor, and they explained to us what was the problem.

Of course, she needs surgery to heal, but before the surgery she needs also a treatment including a blood transfusion.

A mother that gave all for her children

My mum is a single mother who did her best to raise her 4 children.

My father disappeared years ago, leaving me and my mother. After that my mother remarried with another man and they had 3 children. However, my stepfather passed away 18 years ago.

I want to give back to my mother everything she did for us.

I have a job and I get $400 per month, but is not enough when you are supporting your family's daily expenses.

Our savings are not enough

The treatment costs $500 and the surgery $900.

If the surgery is done without the treatment, it could be really dangerous to my mum.

We have around $500 of savings.

With those savings is okay to pay for the treatment, but the surgery would be impossible. And she really needs that surgery to heal!

Details on needed funds

As we have $500, we would like to ask for help to raise $900 for my mum's surgery. I would really appreciate your help!


If we can get enough funds, I will take my mum to the hospital so she can start with the treatment.

It would be nice to do it as soon as possible. We will go to La Sotomayor clinic, that is where my mum has been going since years ago, and they know her perfectly.

If we can't raise enough funds I'm considering to ask permission to pay the surgery in installments.

If that is not enough, we will put personal items on sale too.

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