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Tito Nurse Fundraiser for Angels Without Wings | Philippines

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Hello! I am Hafiz, popularly known as Tito Nurse (

My friends and I who happen to be medical frontliners started giving aid to homeless people after our hospital shifts in Davao City (Philippines) when the COVID-19 pandemic began. We believe that we should be versatile when helping people even outside the hospital as they are still part of the community and in need of care and comfort. It might not be a long term solution but it's the least we can do as healthcare providers to help them survive from their everyday struggle in life, especially this time of crisis.

Our efforts wouldn't be possible without the help of good people who donated during the first week of aiding the street people. With their help, we have collected sufficient amount to buy goods for them.

Angels Without Wings

We were able to help until the implementation of strict community quarantine in the country. As nurses also, our time wasn't enough to do multi-tasking especially during the pandemic. However, the remaining amount that was not used was donated to Angels Without Wings (AWoW), an organization who has the same advocacy to help those in need in the community such as feeding programs and providing them essential goods like clothes and hygiene products.

The said organization started giving food to the street dwellers in Davao City a day after the government announced the community quarantine and until now they are still distributing food for them -- not just in the downtown areas but almost all the areas in Davao City -- through the help of the donations from their family, friends and those who have the heart to serve the community. With such help, they raised funds enough for the whole month. They have also extended other services like giving relief goods and food packs to certain areas in Davao City that really need extra help because the communities are poor or there is no easy access for relief operations.

The organization envisions a Davao/Mindanao that is free of hunger through their feeding programs to street dwellers. They engage with them to learn more about their situation and how AWoW can help them even more. They have also implemented certain programs to encourage the community to work for themselves and bring their dreams to life on their own -- and, ultimately encourage them to help others too.

Airfunding with you!

I have created this Airfunding project to raise funds to support AWoW so that they continue to help those in need. I am hoping that though my channel and with the use of my voice, I can encourage young people like me to engage in such a fulfilling activity.

I would be happy if you could use the [Help by sharing] button to share about my project! Donation is one thing, but sharing will also help spread the word out and get more support for AWoW. Please use the hashtag #Airfunding and #helpingeveryonewitheveryone when sharing!

In advance, I would like to say thank you for supporting this project with me.


Tito Nurse

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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