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I want to rent an apartment for my mum!

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Nice to meet you! My name is Anionwe Sunday Godwin and I live in Warri, Nigeria!

With this project I would like to raise funds for my mother, so she can rent an apartment!

My mother is living with my uncle

My parents got divorced and my dad made a new family with another woman.

My mum is 62 years old, and she is living with her cousin in Enugu. Recently, they're not getting along very well, and my uncle wants her to leave the house.

She needs to leave before January, and that's why she needs to pay for an apartment.

I'm not able to help my mum

I'm working as a teacher and I get $50 per month.

My mum can't live with me because of the place I'm in, and my monthly income is not enough for me to pay for another rent.

I have other relatives, but their are more focused to their own families, so they can't help us.

Nobody can lend us money

As I've explained, my salary is low and I can't pay for two rents.

Economy is really bad in my country, so if I ask to other relatives of friends, they are going to be in the same situation as me. Nobody can help us!

The best thing would be living together with my mum.

As she needs to leave the house really soon, the fastest solution is to rent a place for her, so I hope that you could really help us!

Details on needed funds

To start, it would be really nice if I could raise $500. Adding the amount it took me years to save, I think it would be enough to rent an appartment for my mum.


As soon as I get enough funds, I will send all to my mother.

She needs to leave my uncle's place before January, so we're in a rush. If we can get enough support, I will have to find the money in other way like selling my own things.

In the future, I will be able to find a new place where I can take care of my mum. Thank you very much!

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