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I cannot back to my home country! My life is at risk, I need help!

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Hello everyone! My name is Euri, 25 years old.

My nationality is Venezuelan, but I had to leave my country at age 22 because of issues of political persecution and i ask for protection from the colombian governmnent.

Everything was going very well this past years, but recently things doesn't going well and i need some of your helping hand to my case.

Member of National Awareness camp

I think everybody know that the political termn in my home country is not in a good shape.

Throwback at the year of 2014, i was a communications coordinator of the National Awareness Camp who was in protest in front of UNDP headquarters and staying in a tent for more than a month. I fight for demand justice and freedom for political prisoners. By that reason, the national government imprisons me once. Then i moved to colombia.

Eventhough my status is a refugee at colombia, colombia government treat me well. Everything was going very well, I got a job, i got place to live and everything went normally

Things i did in colombia

At colombia, i feel really safe and i able to do the things i like.

I like to cycling to a beautiful place, i got a job and i work as a costumer support, i also learn to make a sushi too! Eventhough i learn from a website, i have also dream to became a best sushi chef!

I live by myself in a rented room in bogota, my family still staying at venezuela, i sometimes contact them every once a week, i miss them too but i cannot back to venezuela because it is impossibe and if i back to venezuela, will be dangerous for myself.

Recently, things became difficult

Over a year back, the situation in my country caused a wave of migration, many company did not hired venezuelan anymore because of xenofobic outbreak. I was fired from my job, and i changed job by rented an uber eats account and delivery the food. But this job didn't paid much since it is seasonal, if no one order delivery, i cannot get a money.

About past 6 months, are the harder months for me, i struggled a lot. Since october 2018, i did not pay my health insurance, So to do health examine will be expensive for me. i did not yet pay the room rent for 4 months long, I lack of money and psychologist diagnosed me with depression. I have reached the point of not having what to eat and survive from the charity of acquaintances. My acquaintances support me by hygyne product such as toothpaste, soap, deodorant, etc. I make a loans to keep my self living, but i feel more burden because of that. I hope anyone here whose read this can help me eventhough it is a little

Even though i wants to back to my home country, it is impossible since it is dangerous for me. i also thinking to establish a small sushi stall to my income. but what i need for now is to pay my medical things that i have skin diseases and consult to my psycology and for my room rental loan.

I also still have debt i borrow from social security and food loans that also not in small ammount.

Details on needed funds

My total loans and what i need is about 3000$ , i will look a ways to able to pay them eventhough little by little. My health insuranse is cost about $400, my room rent for 4 months is cost about $600, my debt for food for about 6 months is about $1200. And if i wants to establish a sushi business, at elast it will cost about $800


All the funds i collect will use for paying the money i borrowed, and if still remains, will be use for sustain my sushi business.

But if I didn't get enough support, I will receover little by little about my mental health and my skin disease case that suggest by my doctor to overcome about my depression. I will Continue my delivery job, eventhought will took long time. When I get profit, I will plan some financial plans to return the money I borrowed.

With the heart, sincerely,

Euri Antonio Caraballo Corrales

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