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Help me to rebuild my house that burned down due to a big fire accident!

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Hello everyone!

My name is Aiko and I am from the Philippines!

I live with my big family (in total we are 9 people!). But last month, there was a big fire in our area and many houses were burned, include ours.

I would like to help my family to build our home again!

About 300 houses burned down on a Fire in Bislig, Philippines

In the afternoon, 23 July 2019, a big fire accident happened here. Not just 1 home, it was a big fire accident and around 300 houses were burned down.

My family house is also one of them.

It was a big shock for us. We only managed to save our own lives and all of our belongings disappeared with the house. There was nothing left at all expect the building debris.

Evacuated to the same place

After the fire, all of the victims were gathered in a government sport center. Can you imagine? About 300 family living in the same place. It is totally packed and not comfortable.

I wish the government takes care of this case, but even now we are still sleeping in the floor.

Many people is staying here. Sometimes it is too noisy and we don’t have privacy since it is an open space. That place is not comfortable but we are still grateful that we survived.

I believe it would be better to go back home with my big family, even though it was a small house.

Government didn't take an action yet

The fire happened a while ago. However, we as victims didn’t heard any news or plans regarding these fire disaster so far.

I cannot stay in this place for longer time. The health of my family is very important.

I work as self employed, and my father is a fisherman, so we cannot financially support the rebuilding of the house and keep feeding the whole family.

That is why I'm trying to raise funds to get some building materials such as woods and cement, and rebuild our family house. Then, my grandma and the other 8 family members can get comfortable place to stay rather.

Details on needed funds

All I want to do is to raise enough funds to buy building materials, but it will be cost a lot because build a house is not that easy.

For now, I try to save small amount when possible, and also I'm try to reach my relatives while wishing they can help us!

Thank you so much with your cooperation!

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