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A Home for My Friend

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Dear Friends,

I am creating this abundance project for my friend and helper Rosa here in Mexico. Many of us are experiencing challenging times and financial difficulty, though some of us have received support by various benefits, family and friends or opportunities. Here there is no help during the pandemic unless from locals who have the means to in some way.

 Rosa has helped me not only by keeping my place clean but accompanies me shopping and recently to several dentist appointments. 

A couple weeks ago during one of our summer rainstorms she sent me a picture of inside her home where the water was coming through. She has never really shared how she lives except if I have asked her at the grocery if she wants to pick up some things. She replies, I don´t have money. I have helped when I can which I know she greatly appreciates.

The same day of this storm when she sent me a picture I had received an amazing blessing from a friend. I instantly wanted to share a little of it with Rosa to get her out of the place. So I let the person who sent the gift know I would share it. I sent her the picture also of Rosa´s home. She replied, Oh wow I have a little money left to give as a gift and asked who else can I help and there came your message and picture. She said, I grew up like that also and would be so happy to help this family.

When I told Rosa she had no words. I thought of first getting her out of that place Rosa did get sick for a few days. Not sure if it was the scorpion bites or everything the rain washed into the house. She lives with her daughter and her 8 month old grandaughter and is solely responsible for all 3 of them. Work for Rosa is here and there as she cleans homes. Still many are in fear of letting anyone into their home to clean. Though somewhat currently beyond my means also, I have her come clean every Saturday and always have her leave with some food. 

After trying to find somewhere to live that was reasonable Rosa decided it would be better to build a small house. At least the walls would be brick and they could do it in about two months. There is a program here that she thought could assist to help build it. Unfortunately in her case it does not work. So she has the little piece of land, and today will have the bricks.

A few days ago another heavy storm blew off a piece of the wall. Though I have never been to her place it looks like a wood shack with an aluminum roof. It was not until tonight that I saw more pictures of her home could I understand how part of the wall was gone. As you can see it is made of wood patches. The bathroom which is outside appears to be partially made of brick and a blanket. With some of the gift money she did catch up on rent and pay 2 more months. Her rent is only $1500 pesos though she still has had a challenge making it. She was hoping that a new place would be complete in 2 months. It is wonderful she can build the foundation and have a more solid home but there is so much more required to complete it. She does have some family that will help with the building. I thought maybe I could start a funding project to help Rosa make the home more complete. Believe me if I had it I would do it. I know there are many in this situation. If I can help one to person or this case it would be 3 then it is something. :)

This platform only allows a maximum of U.S. $1500 but it allows funding in Mexico. I would love to be able to raise at least $3000.  Rosa and I have also been talking for a few months now as we both are trying to create an income, that we could open a little shop and she can work in it. This way she does not have to worry about finding work and will have a steady income. 

If you have the ability to donate anything we are infinitely grateful. I will post the progress and share pictures when a new home is built and hopefully also a new shop. 

My return flight to Canada has been cancelled many times and currently not operating till next May. They gave no refund. I have pets so I can only travel direct. Life seems to want me here.. so I am flowing with it. Maybe part of the reason is to assist Rosa a little on her journey. :) She has been loyal, helpful and responsible and a great help to me and others. She goes to church every Sunday and believes God has given her an amazing blessing already meeting me. :) She prays that it is returned to everyone in great abundance also.

I would be happy and grateful if you could use the [Help by sharing] button to share about my project!

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