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I want to treat endometrial polyps!

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Hello everyone!

I am Joani Rodriguez Pinheiro, who lives in Fortaleza, Brazil.

I think, I want to treat endometrial polyps!

Have endometrial polyps

I went to the hospital in March because menstrual pain and irregular bleeding continued.

As a result of medical examination, he was diagnosed with endometrial polyp. The doctor said that surgery is necessary. If left unchecked, the polyp will grow.

I want to have surgery at a private hospital.

I feel ill and I can not find a job

Last year I went to Pakistan to find a job.

Because I could not find a job, I returned home in February this year. After returning home, I continued job hunting, but I could not find a job.

I am in poor physical condition now and have stopped my job search.

If you don't treat, you can not resume job hunting. We want to have surgery early, but there are many patients in public hospital and it takes several months until surgery.

I already received $ 200

Before, my daughter carried out a project.

It is a project to make me return home. Fortunately, I received $ 1,240 for support. This time, I would like to support the operation cost.

I already received $ 200, but I need $ 1,000 more.

Details of required funds

The surgery cost is $ 1,200. Of those, I would like to ask for $ 1,000 support! The remaining $ 200 will be funded!


Once funding is collected, surgery will be conducted at the private hospital "AG O Clinic."

If you don't collect the full amount, you will have surgery at a public hospital. There are many patients in public hospitals, so I do not know when I can receive surgery.

Please help me to receive surgery at a private hospital!

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