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Funds to hold a Christmas party for the children of our community!

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Nice to meet you! My name is Dhalia Torremoro and I live in Iloilo city, Philippines.

I would like to raise funds to celebrate a Christmas party for the children of my community!

The most important time of the year for our children

In my community, we are celebrating a Christmas party for all the children every 31st of December, since 16 years ago.

Every year more than 150 children are enjoying this celebration in our community. This has became a tradition in our neighbourhood.

For the party, the adults prepare nice food for the children and also Christmas presents for them. This is the most important time of the year for our children.

Usually, we gather some money in our community, and depending on the amount, we buy more or less food and presents. Our community is not a rich one and many people have financial troubles so it's difficult for us to buy enough presents for all of our children.

Financial difficulties in our area

People living in my community are experiencing many financial problems.

Salaries are low and nobody can enjoy a fixed job. Parents have to support families with many children so having enough money to pay all the expenses is really difficult.

But our children wants to celebrate Christmas, and they have the right to do it.

Every year, the adults of our community are making a huge effort to give the children an unforgettable day with delicious food, games and Christmas presents. However, someties is not enough.

To give presents to all the children

My financial situation is not good either.

Currently I barely have savings and I'm not able to provide a big amount of money for the party. If you can support this project, all the children of my community will receive a Christmas party, and also their parents will feel less distressed about their economic problems.

This year, I would like to give the children school supplies, so it can be useful for the future too.

Details on needed funds

To prepare the party and buy the presents for the children I would need $250. I will contribute with the $30 I have.


In case I can achieve my target, this year party will be the best so far, because all the children will receive presents!

The celebration day is December 31, so until now we will have to prepare the party and get the children's presents. During the party, we start with the food and making games for the children to enjoy. At the end of the party we will give the presents to the children.

In case I can't raise funds, we will keep doing our best and celebrate the party as previous years. Thank you for your support in advance!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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