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Raising funds to pay my son's school fee!

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Hi everyone!

My name is Elaze and I live in Marilao, Bulacan, in Philippines!

I would like to raise some funds to be able to pay my 4 years old son's education!

Daily life as a single mother

I'm raising my 4 years old son as a single mother.

My son is currently going to kindergarten but he is going to start school soon. Most of the public schools in my country are unferfunded and the educational environment is not good. That's why I would like my son to go to a private school because I want the best education for him.

Unfortunately my salary is too low to afford a good education for my son. That's why I'm asking for some help.

Problems at public schools

In my country children can attend a public school for free.

The problem is that public schools don't receive enough funds from the government. The equipment is old and there is not enough school supplies for all the children.

Classes are overcrowded. 100 students or more can study in just one class so teachers can't take care of all of them.

Me, like other parents around the world, I want a bright future for my child. I want him to receive a good education, attend a good University and get a nice job in the future.

I'm not able to even pay a rent

I'm working in a factory but my monthly income is just $96.

As you might imagine, I'm not able to pay a rent with that salary so I'm living with my parents. My dad is retired and my mum's salary is also really low so they are not able to financially support my son.

I'm trying to find a better job but as I couldn't go to University due to lack of funds it's being really difficult to find it.

Details on needed funds

I would need $1,400. As I still have some savings, I would like to raise $1,200. Thank you very much in advance for your support!


If I manage to raise enough funds I will be able to pay a good education for my son!

During the time I would be using the funds, I will try to save as much as possible so I can keep paying the school in the future. In case I can't raise enough funds my son will go to a public school.

I hope you can support me to provide my child with a good education! Thank you very much!

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