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Funding for Underprivileged Youth in Taiwan

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Hello, everyone.

I am Yu Lun (25) from Shimen District, New Taipei City, Taiwan and am a cofounder/program director of IPOWER Alliance, an official NPO which aims to empower underprivileged youth in rural areas in Taiwan through our education program.

IPOWER Alliance

Four years ago, we started by offering after school sessions to the underserved youth in the Northern region of Taiwan at a local convenience store, on the street, or any place that could accommodate our programs.

Each year we realised that there are more and more kids in this community that need various social and educational supports from us. In 2016, we decided to officially establish IPOWER Alliance NPO in Taiwan as a means of providing a more sustainable support system for the community.

Kids with no family fuctions

We live in rural area of Taiwan. Most of kids are from single parent, or raised by their grandparents. Those families are without family functions.

Kids joined our program are around 10-18 years old. 8 Older kids are now our program leaders.They support the younger ones and helped us to serve the community.

A Place worth 1000+ Fundraising Events

For a couple of years, we searched tirelessly for a place to set up a permanent learning space for the kids. Finally in 2017, we found two abandoned buildings and with the help of our kids, worked hard to refurbish the buildings and turn them into classrooms.

Kids are working with us to raise some fundings through events. And the total number of youth events we've been serving already reached more than 1000 times.

The whole process had served as a great learning opportunity for the children. They learned about the concept of placemaking and were also empowered by rebuilding their community using their own hands and creativity. All of this was achieved on a shoestring budget, tirelessly efforts.

Help us to sustain the classrooms

We have 3 classrooms that cost $10,000 USD for the rent:

Classroom A (Fu-ji) $6,800 USD/year is for Life Skills (Cooking, baking).

Classroom B (Lao-mei) $2,000 USD/year and Classroom C (Lao-mei2) $1,200 USD/year are for STEAM Learning (Crafts, Arts).

Now, we need your support to sustain the the classrooms and continue to provide a fun and safe learning environment for youth who would otherwise be left behind by their schools, family and society as a whole.

$1,500 will help us to sustain for a while and we could still work on hosting events for more people to support our kids.

We are also seeking different ways of promoting this website for people to know more about us.

Funding with less than $1,500 is appreciated as well for us to cover at least months of rents from any amount of funding.

I would be happy if you could use the [Help by sharing] button to share about my project!

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