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My CRANIOPAGUS twins need funds for their surgery.

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Hello everyone!

My name is Maricel Villaluz , 29 years old. I live in Pulilan Bulacan, Philippines. I am known as the mother of siamese twins, that our local government made official video about us:

My dearest special family

We are a simple family. My husband's work is sewer in a garments factory. I have 4 kids: 1 year old twins, a 3 year old boy and a 9 years old girl.

The challenge my family have is when the twin born on May 24, 2018, they have fused skull. We can not stop worrying about the twin's life. But, we keep shower them with love and care. Always do our best efforts to help them.

And despite of their limitation, the twins keep giving us their beautiful smiles.

Support us to undergo medical procedures

I am currently raising funds for them, which are currently confined at the Phillipine Children's Medical Center, undergo several tests, procedures and laboratories.

My twins:  Maurice Ann Misa (left side) & Klea Ann Misa (right side) are diagnosed of CRANIOPAGUS. They shared a superior sagittal sinus where located at the cranium of Maurice Ann. She owns a part of it. So if that happens, Klea Ann will be having a problem in terms of the development of her brain.

Here's another problem. Klea Ann was referred for a renal scan because she has no urine output since birth... although she seems to be normal, no signs of kidney failure, the creatinine is also normal. Sounds unbelievable but it is. They have connections to each other. Her other twin urinate for her.

The findings of non visualized (non functioning) kidneys was probably secondary to  renal aplasia. Nephrologists doctor said she might undergo a peritoneal dialysis before they proceed with the operation to make sure her body is ready during & after the operation... Dialysis is a lifetime treatment but the doctor suggest for the other option: a kidney transplant to prolong her life.

Here's the official result of her renal scan of Klea Ann Misa (the right side baby)

How I will use the money

We do need lots of money for the twin separation and also for the dialysis treatment. It may cost $50,000 for the operation only, not including the kidney transplant.

But we will raise $1,500 for now. It will support us for medications and babies needs like milk, diapers and vitamins. They will also undergo several procedures before the operation. Klea Ann will take dialysis every 3 hours, cost 2,000 pesos per session. Also for the preparation of kidney transplant. Maurice Ann will be donating her kidney to Klea Ann.

It's a long process... may takes time and money. All of your help will be very meaningful for us. For my twins and my family. Any amount of donations will be a big help.

We pray for the goodness and generosity of your hearts. Thank you for making your time reading this...

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