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I'm a singlemom needs support to provide our daily needs..

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Love be with us always!

I'm Joy Taray Serino, 41 yo, from the city of Iligan, Philippine.

I'm single mom of 3 kids

I finished B.S degree in Social Work but since I had child, I preferred to be a full time mom. Yet my marriage didn't worked out, so I became a single mom for almost a year now.

Life is hard for me this time because kids didn't receive enough financial support from their father for the last 3 months. He said, he has no work yet. I already seek help from friends, relatives, and family but it doesn't mean that I have to depend on them because they also have their families to feed. These are my 3 kids to raise: Jannah Sai (15), Jhann Jehu (12), Jhann Joyry (5)

As a single mom, I need to raise my kids and give them support for their education. I don't have any job and I couldn't apply one because nobody will look after my 5 yo son. He is in K-2 and having half-day class.

But I have a loving God! I know that He won't leave me. I'm always praying to Him give Him thanks and praise. I offer to Him everything I have. For I know someday I will overcome the hardships in life being a single mom. And God gave me this AIRTRIPP site...

In this AIRTRIPP I'm surprised because people here are different from other sites... I also read all about AIRTRIPP Funding... and yes! This might be the answer to my prayer... maybe God used this site as instrument to help me... hoping and praying this might be the answer.

I Make Cake and Cookies

I made some options so I can earn for our daily needs. Since I have passion in baking and cooking, by this I can earn.

My daily routine is wake up early, prepare kids needs for school and prepare their food. When they're in school it's time for me to clean the house and wash clothes, then cook food for lunch. After lunch, I clean the table, wash the dishes, and take a nap, then continue to do what's not done in the morning, and prepare foods for dinner. After dinner, I start baking cake so I have something to sell in the morning at kids school canteen. Then I go to sleep. So mostly I slept late night everyday.

These are some of cake and cookies I made:

Help Me to Get Bigger Oven and Kitchen Mixer

Because I already have many customers and demand of cake order is increasing, I will buy a bigger gas oven so I can produce more cakes at a shorter time because I can load more at a time... If I produce more, I will earn much rather than using my small oven.

With my small oven, I load only little and I have to wait until it's cooked and load the next batch. It is so time consuming. Sometimes it gets burned because I fell asleep and I always sleep late and sometimes I only sleep after the kids are at school or deliveries is done, and its not good to my health.

Having a bigger gas oven and a kitchen mixer is a great help because I need to sustain my health because I have kids to take care of... Having bigger earnings is also a great opportunity that I can share more to those who are in need. I will surely return the goodness of my AIRTRIPP friends and members by sharing also to AIRTRIPP FUNDING someday...

I'm very thankful and happy for my friends and people around having a good heart by sharing your blessings to others.

Thank you for spending your time reading my story... by God's grace and unfailing love we are all blessed.

PLEASE HELP ME in raising funds... you will be part of my journey in life... I will surely update you...


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Cake I Made

Here are some of my products that my customers enjoyed eating..

SUPERMOIST CHOCOLATE CAKE with Boiled icing and Fondant sea characters...




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