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Unfortunate conditions afflict many orphans and poor people at Indonesia.

Education problem and daily nessesary are often one of the main problems they often face.

Such as the poor orphan who need to quit school and choose to work so they able to continue on living.

We are “yatim dhuafa” an orphans and poor people community volunteers that working on the fulfillment of education by participated them in a special school, so they able to learn and get certificate of graduation.

A lot of orpans need to go to work because of the financial problems and they need to became the family backbone so their education get abonded because of that

Together with Yatim dhuafa Islamic boarding school, we will monitor the daily lives of orphans and poor people intensively. Until now there have been 5.053 orphans and poor people in the care of the Yatim dhufa Islamic Boarding School.

Donations we recieved will be used for the daily operations and education of orphans.

You can contribute With Yatim dhuafa Islamic boarding school so that orphans and poor people can live a healthy life and study calmly. Your help will be so meaningful so the orpans and poor people can be independent.

DISCLAIMER: Donations collected will be Sent to orphans in Bojonegoro East Java. This fundraising is a part of yatim dhuafa Islamic boarding school, that focus to help the orpans at bojonegoro, so they can live in a normal conditions and able to have proper education.

we really appreciate any kind of your help!

thank you so much!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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