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Need help to complete a long pending project in Philippines.

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Dear Angels, I am Jenny Tan from Philippines and currently working Overseas. I am a mother of two children and a happy wife. I am reaching out to all of you to seek help to finish a 4-year long pending project in the Philippines. It all started with a simple dream of giving the best to my children. I dreamed of giving my kids the best home that they can have and at the same time help my community in providing jobs to others with a 3-storey apartment structure.

The structure is both residential and commercial spaces. I hope to build a small school for my less fortunate fellowmen aside from a home for my family but it's giving us a hard time reaching for that goal. We got victimized by a group of bad people. I am referring to the building contractor that happens to start building the apartment way back year 2016.We started the project ( a 3-storey apartment ) on 2016 but the building contractor cheated us, they delayed completion of the project till year 2018 and in the span of 2 years they were only able to complete a skeleton of a 1.5 storey structure.

They have abandoned the project without finishing it on 2018 after they got a huge amount of money from us. We are so devastated with what happened and it really affected our finances.  Until now we are still paying for the bank loan to pay for that contractor even after they abandoned the structure. But GOD is Good!  We were able to resume construction with a different contractor on 2019 but with another bank loan, so now, we are paying for two bank loans merged into one to hopefully finish the project. The second contractor was able to help us complete the whole structure so then our next problem will be the funds for the finishings. But life really plays with us sometimes, now got COVID Pandemic. We need to slowly continue with the finishings of the construction following local government policies or a lot of people especially our construction workers will loose income for their families.

We feel responsible for the families of our workers that's why I am here to ask for help so we can continue with the finishing of the construction. We need funds to continue. If we stop, their families will have nothing on their plates. We are also lucky with our workers because they are really helping us to finish the construction, that's why in return of their hardwork, we are also doing our best to source for funds to support both our workers and their families. We are also having a hardtime with our finances right now so we feel lucky that we have found Airfunding. We wish to receive the funds thru bank transfer in a months time if it's not too much to ask from you. Any amount that you are willingly and wholeheartedly want to offer us will be greatly appreciated. More finishing touches are left to complete the apartment so any amount you will share will surely help us in achieving the goal.

We believe that Angels like you will be able to help us during these times of hardships. We might not be able to promise you anything in return for the help that you will be giving us but GOD knows how thankful we are of this chance of reaching out to you and finally receive the help from you even we are all impacted by this pandemic. May the Good Lord Always Bless You! You may keep in touch with me anytime thru my Personal Facebook Account Jenny Marquez Tan if you are welcome with building a friendship from someone from Asia, Philippines. Who knows that one day, when all of this COVID ends, you might visit my country Philippines and me and my family will be able to meet you there. More power to you and your family!  Hope that you will be able to help more people who are in need without asking anything in return.  Keep Safe!  

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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