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The next generation of vehicles after oil and gas pollution and battery pollution

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Hello there! We are a startup team in "Taiwan" IT-AIR

Because of the raging COVID-19, the global cessation of industrial pollution and the slowing of global warming have made everyone aware of the increasing need for air pollution.

Future trends in the world

As for the global environmental protection trend, we have some ideas for the next gasoline and electric vehicles, because the above two driving methods have serious subsequent pollution problems (for example: air pollution and battery recycling pollution), so we are I am very interested in the "pneumatic" method, and in-depth study of thermodynamics and air compression technology, and even electronic control methods, to become the basis for our realization of this project. I would like to invite friends all over the world to give us some support and opinions And after our continuous discussion, research and planning.

We fully believe that air-driven, used in future cars and locomotives is quite competitive (because the existing research on pneumatic car team uses not enough engine technology, the energy loss is too high, and the endurance is insufficient to successfully launch the market. ).

Expected product launch

Therefore, we expect that the initially launched products (pneumatic locomotives and pneumatic small cars) will be used for short-distance distances with a continuous driving force of about 100-200km, in order to promote in cities first, quickly erect gas stations, and Regular equipment maintenance is convenient, and even the modularized planning of the repair station reduces the subsequent costs of consumers. Also, because the air supply method is very fast and safe, it only takes about 1/10 of the charging time, and it will not be caused by external Factors that cause combustion and explosion disasters are currently the biggest advantages.

Fund application

But currently we need to raise funds to complete the follow-up research and development, including the expansion of the site equipment we need, the addition of professional and technical personnel, and the continuous expansion of the professional design team. A huge amount of about US$500000 is still needed (supply R&D to model operation) , We estimate that we will promote the product to the market within 2 years and we will continue to try and improve during the manufacturing process. We will continue to update and interact with the public during the manufacturing process. We hope that all friends can join us and give us support and encouragement.

Your small amount of money is our driving force, and will also receive our follow-up first-hand information, priority after product launch, and follow-up discounts.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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