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Help Me for My Wife's Life

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I am Jovencio Bantang. You can call me Bong. I am a 57 years old accountant, a father to two daughters, and a grandfather to one baby boy. I live with my family at San Juan City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

My Wife is Battling Colon and Liver Cancer

My wife, Jenny, is currently battling colon and liver cancer stage 4. She has been fighting for more than a year now.

Fighting cancer in Philippines is very costly for a patient's family. In our case, it has literally wiped out our savings and has caused debts and credit card bills to pile up.

Our Beloved Family

I want my wife to be healed of her cancer and get back to normal life. I need her to help me put our family back to living normal, joyful life, happy serving our children and grandchildren. My youngest daughter, Reine (20 years old), is soon to graduate from college. My wife would be very happy if she sees our daughter in her graduation attire together with the other graduating students. She can only do that if she is healthy enough to be able to attend the graduation ceremony.

And our older daughter is Jillian (28 years old) just had a son, now 1 year old, just at the same time when my wife got cancer. Our grandson has been source of energy for us to undergo all treatment. We love our family so much

Help us with financial difficulty caused by cancer treatment

It was very hard for us to survive with my wife cancer treatment. Thanks that I can use my credit card and get some loan. But now the bill is piling up, very hard for us to sustain the treatment without any help.

Here, may I ask for support for 1 time weekly chemo treatment which cost almost $1,500 USD. The fund we collect will give us room to breathe to sustain the treatment and enjoy living as family.


If we get the money, my wife will undergo treatment at New Era General Hospital. If there's any extra funds, I will use it to pay my credit cards and bank loans that were also used for my wife's surgery and cancer treatments.

If not enough funds would come, I will continue to ask people, friends to help. I can also offer my services as Accountant to people with businesses who would happen to read my project. Businessmen can outsource their accounting jobs to me for a fee.

Also, my daughter, Reine, who is into cinematography, photography, video editing can also be contacted to do projects for potential clients who may also be able to read this project.

May I appeal to your kind and generous hearts. My wife and I are asking for only a little time just to see our children grow their families, see my youngest daughter graduate from college, and spend some time together as a family. Your help will be appreciated much.

I would be happy if you could use the [Help by sharing] button to share about my project!

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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