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I want my community to know my craft art!

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Hi everyone!

My name is Ariel, I live in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico. I am currently trying to go back to university to study architecture as I had to abandon it to work full time and help my family, for which I have devised a product for male and female bags.

Let's support Ariel Ross bags :)

The creation of the Ariel Ross bags was born from manual preparation and the union of recycled materials mixing everything with creativity and ingenuity, which gave rise to the idea of creating original men's and women's bags by mixing jewelry, wood, recycled fabrics, and fabrics from high quality to maintain a margin of avant-garde and quality giving a touch of haute couture, innovation and artistic and handmade beauty.

A personalized touch.

The bags are not only part of a daily accessory in which people like to carry them for fashion, comfort and necessity, but the Ariel Ross bags will give the option of giving a personalized touch being able to choose between the logo printed in acrylic or MDF as well as a handmade jewelery pendant and giving a distinctive touch to the bag.

An ecological product.

In addition to having a unique and avant-garde design, they give an impression of haute couture, functionality with 30% recycled materials and 70% non-polluting high-quality materials. This allows this product to have an impact not only on obtaining a unique and aesthetic product, but also an ecological one, allowing the integration of recycled materials, that is, textile materials (pants, shirts, blouses, etc.), everything that for some already They do not have a useful life that can be reused in 30% of the final product, which is implemented in the internal structure of the product, which allows better durability and supports all this not only in order to help the environment as the industry Textile is the second most polluting in the world after the oil company, it produces 20% of the wastewater and 10% of the carbon emissions in the world, the remaining 70% will be made with first quality non-polluting materials, attractive to To the eye and to the touch, it will also include jewelry pendants, and acrylic and pdf engraved accessories to give a unique and innovative touch to the bags.

A personalized and unique process!

The total preparation of the product is carried out both with sewing machines and manually, which allows maintaining a high quality in the process and a personalized and unique preparation.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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