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I want to get my cataract to be operated on and removed.

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Hello everyone, my name is aya from Philippines!

I worked as a make up artist this time.

I found out that i have cataract. I want to get it removed so it will not affected my work and my daily life in the future!

Hardly to see since last year

Around november and december of 2018, my right eyes is bit hard to see the surrounding. and recently, the ability on my left eye sight also decreased. Now if i only see using my right eyes, i only able to see a light.

Because of this case, It is really affect to my work result, I need longer time to get my work done.

Less job offer, but i also need to support my family

Around february 2019, there is a time that i almost doesn't have any working schedule. So on that time i use all of my saving to keep on living.

Until now, I only working as an assistant make up (only as assistant), also helping at my mother small store. but it doesn’t get paid enough, all the salary i get only able to support for our daily life.

however, i also have a sister that have 2 childrens, because she is a single mother, i came to also provide some their needs. So that why i cannot do much saving.

I want to get my cataract removed before it spread widely

My right eyes already unable to see, if it happend to my left eyes also, it will really affected my work and my life. So that is why i want to perform surgery before it getting worse and worse.

I had no health insurance because i only a freelancer, only office workers in here that usually get a insurance.

however, the operation cost is not cheap, i already spent my saving and i cannot do more saving yet. that is why i asking for all of your help.

Details on needed fund

To get cataract removed, on both eyes if i searching at internet, it will cost about $1700. I will be grateful if this project able to enough funds.


If it possible, i want to get the cataract removed on next month. i am afraid if this spread fast and i unable to see.

i will really appreciate of all of your help!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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