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Help decrease violence in Brazil

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Hello! greetings from brazil!

My name is roberto, Dean of URM in brazil.

I developed a system that connects any private security camera with a data center with images of criminals that are fugitives from the law through facial recognition and sends warnings to public security forces as they are recognized. With this I hope we can help to decrease violence in brazil!

But currently we are lack of funds to develop this system, with this fund raising will help us a lot!

About my project

The idea was came from my own experience long time ago. When i was 14 years old, my uncle was killed in a robbery, and the robber not been caught. He is my hero until now.

I owe to my uncle, that is why that recently i developing this system app that connects any private security camera with a data center so it will be easily to track if there any violence happened. When i was young, this idea difficult to became true because technology is not as modern as now. And now there are many of my acquaintance that are APP developer too, so i think if it not an impossible things to make my idea came true!

Cost for making the system is high

Until now, my team and i still on working on this idea, All together with some app developer and engineer, this project almost finished. But management the system itself, developing the website itself and using the cloud service will spend alot of money. We ask for your cooperation to complete this idea.

Our recent Update

While still making a progress, the recent update is going to extend Global Surveillance Network to find missing people.

The flow is by sending the missing person picture through the APP and the global network is going to start seeking for it, and it is free, And the system with artificial intelligence and facial recognition can take care of the rest

Our team already have the connections, but of course it costs money.

The system will runs in a premium platform, that means it's free for private users, as residences or small business, but is sustainable without new donations once condominiums and big companies can pay signatures for it.

Details on needed funds

The total needed for developing this app is about $5000, i already spent $3500 on it, i really wish you can help with the rest of $1500 and make this initiative to reduce the violence in my country became real!

We will appreciate all of your kind help.

Thank you in advance!

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