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Intelligent heating thermos

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Civilization is often busy with forgetting to drink water because of heavy workload.

So I want to help people by developing a cup this time.

In motion, At work, Even in leisure, you can have a small butler to help you pay attention to your drinking situation.

At present, the first edition is mainly based on health, so only heating does not cool down.


Water volume 450ml

1. The temperature inside the water can be warmed by mobile phone

2. Water can be reminded through three modes

- Mode 1 1 hour reminder to drink water (will show how much water to drink).

- Mode 2 set time reminder to drink water

- Mode 3 Set how much water to drink in 1 hour.

3. You can know how much water is left in the cup through the mobile phone.

4. Can know the current water temperature

5. Can view historical drinking records

6. Anti-dumping design

7. Wireless charging design

The current design, circuit design, and institutional design program has been initially completed and requires some cost to complete the remaining development material fee.

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