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Help my nanay undergo with her next chemo therapy

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Hello everyone, Please help me for my mother's chemotherapy needs.

My name is Jestoni from philippines.

I have a very lovely mother who is now fighting with breast cancer. I need your assistance for her upcoming chemotherapy phase.

My mother diagnosed with breast cancer

I have been working as a guidance counselor, but it doesn't give me enough income.

Because of my willingness to help for my family needs, i decided to stop from my work 5 months ago and seek for a better job opportunity.

On August 2019, my mom was hospitalized and diagnosed with breast cancer, after the surgery, she still needs another phase to prevent the breast cancer from spreading.

She needs 6 cycle of chemotherapy

The Doctor said my mother needs 6 cycles of chemotherapy. The next one is on September 16 and the next one will be on October 7.

Every cycle of chemotherapy is not cheap. It will cost around $1500 on each

Until now we only depend with the help of our cousins and my mother’s friends and family but it is hard for the next step, we rally on stage of having financial difficulty.

We don't want to lose our parent again

Around 3 years ago, my father passed away, because of prostate cancer. Since then, our mom took care of us with all of her might. That is why, my mother is so loved by us. We don’t want to lose our lovely mother.

My mother is very eager to live and has a strong will to fight for her life. She is full of hope that is why i want to help her with all of my might too.

Our family income also is not stable, I am unemployed and waiting for a job opportunity, My sister isbalso having a difficcult time supporting us that is why we really need your help with my mother's medical needs.

Details on needed funds and schedule

We want to raise for $1500 for her upcoming chemotherapy that will be due on the 7th of october. We are having financial difficulty and we cannot only depend on my cousins' and my friends' help, that is why a worldwide help will be much appreciated.

Please send us prayers too for my mother's speedy recovery.

May God bless you!

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