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Asking support to send my daughter and her group to the WBAC final in Canada

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Hello everyone, my name is diwani from philippines.

I have a daughter who is very talented in the field of ballet dancer. Recently, my daughter and her friends (Mikay Tormon, Rita Malacon, Bea Austria, Pia Dedel, Joanna Fabricante and Denisse Tubongbanua) will compete at the World Ballet Arts Competition (WBAC) in Niagara, Ontario, Canada on Nov. 9 - 12 2019.

The expenses to participate and to go there is high, this is the reason we raising this funding project.

My daughter start ballet training since kid

My daughter now is 12 years old, she learning ballet on her young age, since she was 4 years old.

She joined several competition, and able to get several prize too from the event she joined. Recently the competition she won are:

- Last year : Philippine Dance Cup for Contemporary Dance (she won the 3rd place and received a scholarship from Keiji Tomiyama School of Ballet in Japan)

- April this year, participated at World Ballet Arts Competition held in the Philippines: Individual and Group Contemporary (won 3rd place for individual and 1st place in group category)

Will compete at the World Ballet Arts Competition (WBAC) in Niagara, Ontario, Canada on Nov. 9 - 12, 2019.

More than a year, my daughter and the group preparing for this WBAC competition.

Last april, my daughter and her team participated on semifinal round for WBAC .

The individual category, won the 3rd place and we received scholarship for summer intensive training in St. Petersbug russia.

And the contemporary group category won the 1st place. So my daughter, and other member all together qualified for join the final round and representative philippines in canada this november

All expenses need to paid by ourself

Unfortunatelly, we need finance everything by ourselves, from the visa, registration fee, choreographer's fee, airfare and accommodations.

I am just public servant, and my husband is photographer. we all doing fine enough for financially, but still, the expenses is still way too high for us.

Beside, sending my daughter to ballet school is quite expensive, all the financing for the entire competing team including their coaches will cost us a lot too. There are 6 dancers all in all for the Group Category and we have 3 coaches.

And it became difficult nowadays since i just recently got operated due to ectopic pregnancy and the expenses for the WBAC is way too high.

Individually, need to raise at least 200,000 pesos (USD 3,800)

If i calculated it all, at least each participation need 3800USD for her registration and trip to canada for 4 days, which detail below

- Flight ticket philippine - canada (round trip) : $2000

- Visa fee : $20

- 4 days accomodation : $500

- Choreographer’s fee : $780

- Registration fee : $500


The competition will be held in november, so we hope we can get enough funds as soon as possible.

Aside from Funding, we also doing shows where they sell tickets, selling pre-loved items and some goodies so we can raise more funds for the group.

I believe that with your help nothing is impossible. It would really be a great honor for these girls if they can compete for WBAC and represent our country, Philippines. Not only that they will be able to dance but they will learn so much from the master dancers who will be there as well. I would be happy if you could use the [Help by sharing] button to share about my project!

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