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For my mother's hospitalization expenses.

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Hello everyone! my name is Miraflor from philippines.

I need your help for my mother's hospitalization expenses. She has been hospitalized for 3 months and she moved to ICU now.

We are in phase of financially drain to pay the hospital bill, and we need for continue my mother medication.

My mother feel not well since 3 months ago

I working at manila as an accountant, my mother stay in her home in province, at palo lyte.

Three months ago, she called me and tell me that she feeling not well. Because i really worried about my mother conditions, Then I ask my employer to get permit to visit my mother and back to palo lyte. I got permit and i back from manila to my mother house at province.

I accompany my mother to do check up to several hospital. And during her poor condition, in june, my mother hospitalized for a month in public hospital here.

We moved from public hospital to Private hospital

After a month hospitalized, the doctor at the public hospital suggest me to move my mother to private hospital because the facility at public hospital cannot took care of my mom condition anymore. My mother need more serious treatment for her stroke.

As everyone know, the cost at private hospital is not cheap. I barely able to manage it with my saving too.

At private hospital, she stay for 2 month for the treatment there. But just 8 days ago, my mother need to transfer to Intensive Care Unit division because some problem in her lung.

And now, She is being took care in ICU and doctor said if she also have water in her heart too.

We need support in financial

During that case, i really confused how to do. I still want my mother get healthy again, but the bill is piled up. Then my friends suggest me to open a funds project.

I love my mother a lot, since i was at elementary school, my mother is the one whose support her children's alone. That is why, this is my turn to pay back my mother effort.

But, after this 3 month my mother hospitalized, i don't have any savings again. I try many ways such as apply for health insurance from government. But it still cannot cover the rest of my mother hospital expenses because i only got PHP 5000 (approx USD 100) from government health insurance.

However, ICU cost is about PHP 20.000 pesos per day (approx USD 480 per day) . It is really difficult to pay the bill since I now barely only able to get our daily needs. I still need to continue my mother medication

I want to make my mother healthy again

Details on needed fund

From the administration, i got an estimated hospital bill is about PHP 304.000 (approx with USD 5000) . it is really high amount for us to take care alone. that is why i needed your help with it.

I need it as soon as possible so i will able to continue my mother medication. I also still look another way to able to pay it while doing this fund raising project.

Please help us and please pray for my mother to get healthy again.

God bless you!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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