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I need funds to help my mum removing her stomach stones!

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Nice to meet you! My name is Manish and I live in Delhi, India!

My mother is suffering from 3 stones she has in her stomach, and I would like to pay the surgery to remove them!

My mum is suffering from this condition since long ago

My mum is suffering from 3 stones in her stomach since 1 year ago.

She feels a lot of pain in her stomach and she can't eat. During night time she can't sleep because of the pain. The medication she received is just painkillers, so her condition is not getting better.

The doctor says that the only way to heal is by removing the stones by surgery.

It's not a complicated surgery, but to us is really difficult to pay for it. That's why I'm asking for help!

Our monthly income is not regular

We're 3 people in my family.

My dad is working as air conditioner repairman and when winter comes his work is considerably reduced, which means that our monthly income is not enough.

My mum is a housewife and I'm a student. Only my dad is working.

Daily life in my city is expensive

Prices here are too expensive for our monthly income.

My dad's income during summer is not bad, but our monthly expenses are high: $440 for utilities and rent, around $600 for food and my mom's treatment. Basically we're living with our savings.

We don't have health insurance and my mum's treatment is really expensive for us.

It would be really nice she could receive the surgery, but we have $200 left, so it's impossible to us to pay for it.

Details on needed funds

To run the surgery we need $915. As we only have $200 we would need $715 to help my mum. I would really appreciate your support!


In case I can collect enough funds I would like my mum to go under surgery as soon as possible, as she is currently suffering a lot of pain.

If possible, I would like to do it by January of next year. We will go to our hospital in Delhi. In case we can't collect enough funds I will try to ask for help to other acquaintances.

Thank you very much in advance for your support!

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