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I want to help obese people

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Hello there!

My name is santiago from medellin, Colombia!

I am a young student of ninth semester of mechanical engineering and I am doing this activity because I am passionate about helping people and improving their quality of life to the fullest, This activities is to make a natural shakes drink and distribute to obese people in medellin and around it.

Because this need enough of quantity, we need a financial support from you guys to make this project realized!

My brother was a morbid obesity before

My older brother who was a person with morbid obesity make his condition and quality of life was very affected and he could not do basic things like going to the bathroom, going to work, getting in a car and many more.

Seeing my brother condition like that, I decided to take action and help him because he is my family and I don’t want something bad to happen to him.

That picture above is the picture of my brother whose weight reached 190 kg

I make an idea with my friends, and we make healthy shakes drink to help obese people

During my university days, i joined several studies and also joined several colleagues from different careers such as medicine and nutrition,

By some cooperate and discussion, we decided to do research on how to help obese people with healthy and delicious products and we come to the conclusions of natural shakes.

The milkshakes gives them a lot of protein, vitamins, healthy fats and cape-hydrates that accompanied by a little daily exercise helps them to lose weight

My brother started the project for about 2 years, and after much effort from both him and our work team he managed to lose 103 kilograms and now he is at the ideal weight of which is 85 kilograms.

The picture of our family now, the change in two years of good nutrition is noticeable, from going from 190 kilograms to 85 kilograms.

I want to Want to Mass product the shakes and help obese people in medellin

Together with my team, i want to to give people who suffer from morbid obesity with the milkshakes we made so that they can improve their quality of life

We will make it mass production and gave it to everyone whose needed it in mendelin

Currently i committed to the local government of medellin city to teach people to have a healthy diet and I am also very committed to physical activity and we help people in this section too.

raising the funds requested is much easier because I am in the final stage of my university (fourth year in college and I study mechanical engineering) because I also do not have enough resources to help as many people as I would like, because artificial fruits, proteins, vitamins, sweeteners are expensive here in Colombia and I don't have much financial help.

I hope everyone able to help our wishes to help obese people here!

Details on needed funds

I Need about $1,500

That the usage of the funds will be use for buy some fruits, proteins, recyclable containers, appliances. And we will make it in a high quantities, so we need a lot of support

We also will use the funds for the travel allowances to where obese people are, because you understand, the person with morbid obesity will difficult to move,


As soon as i get enough amount to make enough quantities of natural shakes drink, we will start to make and then distribute it.

I really feel grateful for your contribution and help me to bring health to many parts of the world and if you help me I will send you a cap and a shirt if we find you in Colombia with our phrase that says "From the bitterness of the disease, man learns the sweetness of health "

They are the team i together work with in this project

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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