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Friends of the elderly, Uganda.

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Hello everyone all around the world!

I am Namanda, from Uganda.

Based on a wish for the Elderly to have a life with good health, dignity, economic independence, I made this Project.

Help elders in the Mukono district to live a happy life.

I have been living in Mukono district, The elderly are a huge part of family life in the communities where we work in Uganda and in the Mukono District. Those living above the age of 60 are about 24,132 which is about 4.2% of the population of the District.

They live with the family, under one small house and they help with grandchildren, cooking, cleaning, working, they do everything, but they are left out on many things, for instance, they what to eat at the end of the day, they live a very poor life with some having a lot of health complications.

They need someone to care about them and that's where Friends of the Elderly Uganda comes in with its vision of empowering the older age through improving their diets, having a life with good health, gaining economic independence, and also having a peaceful death.

We call upon everyone out there to donate and support the organization, we are aiming at 200 older men and women in the community. We aim to provide a basket of food, clothing, and other personal needs to help them live a happy life.

Our Project Plan

Being a Community Based Organization, Friends of the Elderly Uganda has a target of working with about 200 elderly people with hopes of expanding our social network with the elderly in the future.

To make all these possible, we aim to put emphasis on 6 major project activities, for instance, planting fruit trees, providing a basket of food and clothing to the elderly, planting and stocking a sustainable vegetable garden, engaging in small scale poultry farming, planting trees for firewood and environmental conservation and purchasing a cow or two that will provide daily milk sustainably.

The funds will help us engage in activities that will empower the elderly, we are going to cultivate our gardens so that we can plant a variety of fruit trees, a vegetable garden, and starting a small poultry business which will help on supplementing their diets and covering the costs of medicines to those who have health complications so as to improve their way of life.

During the year, we aim to provide food parcels “a food basket”, personal items like clothes such as rain jackets, gumboots, blankets, soap, salt, sugar among other basic needs to the elderly members of the communities

These funds are also going to help us register our project as we are still caught up with the registration process due to the limited funds.

Since the project is just starting, we don’t have enough funding to facilitate the activities but once we meet all our goals and objectives in the first year, then we can be able to save more local funds for our future sustainability.

Thank you so much for your support!

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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