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I want to help my mother to treat her ochronosis

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Hello everyone!

My name is Patricia from Colombia. I wants to help my mother to heal her disease she suffered long time ago.

My mother suffered from ochronosis and the only method to help her is by laser treatment. But the cost to undergo laser treatment is expensive that we cannot afford it.

Suffering from ochronosis since 30 years old

My mother is not young enough, she is now 63 years old.

Since she was young, around 30 years ago, the ochronosis slowly appeared on her face. Ochronosis is the case when it make her lost the safety and self-esteem. I know if this disease also make her feels ashamed of her face which has also led to isolation and depression. I want to support my mother to heal.

Laser treatment is only method to help my mother

During some research and some consultation with the dermatologist, they are several method we already tried. For now, we only afford to use and apply lightening creams, UV solar protection, lotions to treat my mother.

But that method doesn't have any significant effect. Nothing improvement at all. Doctor's suggestion is to treat it using laser treatment method. This method is too expensive for us to afford since we have difficulty in financial

Huge debt and low income

My mother is only a housewife, i was happened to work when i was 27 years old, but after that i stopped working because i was diagnosed by kidney cancer and for now i only able to do light job that doesn't have much income.

My father left our family when we are child, my sister is a doctor, but she has to pay her university loan that also cost a lot.

we barely make it only for daily needs, and i found this site wishing for anyone can help us.

Plan and detail on needed funds

I would like to raise 1700$, the usage is for the laser treatment package such as examination, laser treatment itself and the medicine.

I hope i can get enough funds at december so my mother can able to treat her ochronosis soon. I want to see my mother's smile!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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