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Aiming for studying Japanese in Osaka!

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About my dream

Nice to meet you! My name is Daniela Guarracino and I'm from Naples, Italy. In the future I would love to work guiding Japanese tourists that visit my city, and to make this dream come true I need to improve my Japanese in a language school in Japan!

I've always been interested in Japan, and that's what made me choose Japanese as my major in University. Thanks to that I can currently speak Japanese, but I would like to improve it as much as I can, and that's why I want to study it in Japan.

I you support my dream I would really appreciate it!

If I reach my target I will apply to enter a Japanese school in Osaka.

Why Osaka? As I said, I'm from Naples, and it's said that people from Naples is really similar to people from Osaka. A vibrant lifestyle, delicious food, people is kind, funny and and interesting. I am dreaming of living in such a wonderful place.

Doing my best in order to make my dreams come true!

At university I was able to learn a lot about not only Japanese language, but also culture and history. I could say that my Japanese skills aren't bad, as I'm trying to practice on a daily basis. Also, my Japanese friends in Airtripp help me solving my doubts about the language.

Details on needed amount

The cost for school tuition and flight ticket is estimated as $ 6,160. When I go to Japan, I will try to find a part-time job soon and I use my free time visiting other corners.

If I succeed, I want to enter the Japanese school in Osaka in April of 2019, so I would need to pay the school fees around October of this year, so I will be able to apply for student visa. Because of that I need to start all the preparation around August or September of this year.

In Japan, I really want to make my best effort learning Japanese, without forgetting about meeting my friends and visit around the country.

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Bought the "Red Fox" Fox-Chan in Japan, waiting for that! Eat together!
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Good luck have fun dear friends in Italy!
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Touching people or culture when you come to Japan to experience the goodness of Japan and spread to Italy! Waiting in Japan!
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