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Helping my mum to come back!

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1st target achieved! Thank you very much!

Thanks to your valuable help I'm able to purchase a flight ticket for my mum to come back. I really appreciate your collaboration!

[2nd challenge]

Help for daily life expenses for my mum!

For a second challenge, I would like to get some extra help, if possible.

When my mum comes back to Brazil, she will need to search for a job.

Until she starts working, she would need some help for daily expenses that we can't afford.

I would be eternally grateful if you collaborate with us to get extra $500 to help my mum during 2 months until she gets a job! Thank you very much!

Nice to meet you! I'm Bianca and I'm from Brazil.

I'm running this project because I want to help my mum to come back to Brazil from Pakistan, where she is now. What I need is just the amount to afford the flight ticket.

My mum can't go home

My mum left Brazil one year ago to go to UAE to search for a job to be able to financially maintain our family. She tried hard but it did not work out.

After 3 months, as she couldn't find a job she had to use almost all her savings.

She used the rest of her savings to move to Pakistan, that was the best option as she hadn't enough to come back home. She couldn't find a job also in Pakistan, and because of that, she lost the hope that she had left.

A difficult life

I live with my grandmother and by 8 years old little brother. My grandmother receives a pension, and we use it to pay for all the daily expenses.

Also, we try to send money to my mum, so she can survive.

I'm studying at the University so I don't have time to find a job (and finding a job in my city is not a piece of cake). That's the reason why we can't really afford the price of the flight ticket for my mother.

My little brother is always missing my mum and I would really appreciate if you can help my family to get together!

Details on needed funds

The flight ticket from Pakistan to my city costs $ 1200, and that's the support I need.


If my target is reached I will buy my mum a flight ticket so she can go back home before this year ends.

If the target is not reached, it will take time but I will try to best my best to make my mum come back!

I will be really happy if you can help my family!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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