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I want to support local farmers to work as beekeepers!

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Nice to meet you! My name is Gerard and I live in Nanga Eboko, Cameroon!

I want to help the local farmers of my community to work as beekeepers!

My dream is to develop regional beekeeping industry

Currently I am working as a Frech teacher.

In my village there are many farmers, buy you know that weather affects a lot crops and harvest, and it's not a safe way to earn a living.

What I would like is to spread the beekeeping business to improve the daily life of local farmers.

Beekeeping industry is a sure business, and you can earn profits all year round. The final goal is to make royal jelly and sell it in the surrounding villages and towns!

We can purchase the necessary tools in our country

I belong to an organization dedicated to beekeeping.

We defend the importance of bees to the environment. For that, we hold many campaigns to spread the importance of protecting bees. This costs money, but it's difficult to us to get enough financial support.

To make real our idea we need different equipments that can't be purchased in our country.

We should import it from Europe, which notably increases the cost and there is where we need help. This project could benefit 20 people, but we need to collect $1,000.

A final goal: to sell royal jelly.

Beekeeping business, that protects bees which is necessary for maintaining the environment, is also a work that can be proudly done.

At first we plan to start with about 20 people, but I would like to spread it if the project succeeds. Eventually, we plan to sell the royal jelly in neighboring villages and towns.

If this idea works well, local people's life will be improved!

Details on needed funds

We need $1,000 to import necessary tools for beekeeping such as nest boxes. Among them, I would like to ask support to raise $700! We will try to get $300 in our beekeeping association.


I would like to start developing this idea by spring of next year.

First of all we will import the necessary tools for beekeeping and teach beekeeping technology to about 20 farmers in the area. If everything is okay, we will keep teaching beekeeping techniques to other farmers and spread the business.

We everything is ready we will start making royal jelly to sell at local markets!

If we can't collect enough funds we will keep teaching about the importance of beekeeping until we get enough support! I would really appreciate your support! Thank you very much!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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