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Hello everyone!

My name is Nurshaera, from Woodlands, Singapore. I'm a teacher aide in special needs school. I turn to 23 years old this September! But now I'm sad because my little cat, Bingo, is not well. Below is Bingo and me a year ago on my birthday 17 September 2018. You know, we are more than best friends. I take her as my little sister.

Bingo was abused

I adopted Bingo from my brother's friend, right from she was only 3 months old! Now Bingo is 1 and a half years old. One day, she came home injured.

Vet said through the x-ray she might has been abused and fell from a tall height that broke 2 of her legs (back) and fractured on her left hand. She had undergo a surgery that the vet inserted a metal thingy in between her thighs and legs. Sadly, her left leg was infected and can't be saved. She went through another surgery to amputate her left leg. So now, she is down with 1 leg and 2 hands (left hand fractured). Currently, she is on neck-tubing for feeding and her medications.

Help me to continue Bingo's treatments

Bingo has got numerous treatments at Singapore Veterinary Animal Clinic LLP. So far, I have spent 3k-4k in two months. And that is beyond my pay and I have used up all my savings to save Bingo.

I came into point to realize that I can't afford this in the long run. I am the only one paying for all the surgeries and the constant checkups for Bingo. I'm just a Teacher Aid and family is financially unstable. My pay is not that big to support all of Bingo's expenses. That's why I am here doing a fund raising.

The fund that I am asking for is not including the unforeseen fees ahead.

Bingo's well-being matters to me

Taking care of Bingo is like taking of my own sister. Her health means a lot to me. To me as an owner, if you already adopt them, you really have to really take good care of them. Be there when they are healthy or sick. Easy or hard to handle, that's the challenging part. But giving up is never my choice!

Along the surgery and treatments, doctors gave me several option which include sedating her. But sedating is not an option for me. I totally against it! Until I really know to a point that there's no more chances for Bingo to live. Sedating will be my very last resort/choice that I will still feel reluctant to do it.

As for now we are still trying our very best to save bingo with a positive mindset. I hope with the funds that we hope to get will, make Bingo's chances of living more secure and better ! Let's pray for Bingo!

Do my best to save Bingo

The rest photos below are how we take care of her right now. How she eat and patiently wait for us to feed medication through the tube and also applying some ointment on her wound and stitches

I would be happy if you could use the [Help by sharing] button to share about my project! Thank You!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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