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I need some help to fund my Chinese studies in China.

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I am your average girl next door who was born in the Philippines and now living also working in sunny and humid Singapore!

To be honest, I have been quite lucky my whole life. I’ve never experience extreme poverty, or been in dire sickness. I’ve had my fair share of unfortunate events, but at the end of the day, with some help, I’ve always managed to find my way through.

And with this starts the beginning of another “finding my way though”.


After doing a 9 months transition job that was not quite the right fit. I started to think hard of my next steps forward. I was mentally stressed. Certainly wasn’t happy. I decided to quit my job. After a couple of dates and establishment that we had a good ex-working relationship, I decided to go back to my old company temporarily.

I had my old designation back, I love what I do (and my colleagues too!) but surely I can do more than this? Having been an education counsellor for a large part of my career life and having a strong passion for higher education and youth, I started to think hard if there should be any other skills I need to develop.

Back in 2016, I requested my then-company to sponsor my Chinese studies so that I can break the language barrier with the Chinese parents of students who are looking for higher education options for their children. I worked very hard to learn the basic characters and get the tones right.

Fortunately, I had a very caring and detailed teacher who went the extra mile doing a cheatsheet for us to learn the language easier. she is Ms Chan, my wonderful teacher!

Speaking the native language of these families was always the easiest way to build trust so I try to add in Chinese words and phrases to make them feel comfortable with me. It is very fulfilling when I successfully place a student to their university of choice, and conversing with the parents to describe how happy they are is even more than that.

At the end of the 3 months program, I continued this vocation. Of course, I moved forward and using my new found conversational skill, I moved companies and helped more Chinese students get offers to overseas Universities


As I go along, I realised that this language skill is something that I really want to pursue. I want to speak more words and how to read more characters.

I want to converse fluently. I know I can study Chinese in my home country but having the right environment and immersing oneself is important. I believe China is the right place to start, being the home of the language and being forced in an environment to speak it. I also want to experience their culture, to understand what makes the country currently one of the dynamic economy, how the locals live, the delicacies that they eat.


It is truly a tough decision to take a career break and starting from Square One again, especially since I will be leaving my family. and close friends for the next 5 months!

But I do believe that if we don’t do what we want at our youth, we’re going to have all these “What If’s” and ultimately live with some regrets. With this in mind, I have made arrangements to continue my financial fulfilments here in Singapore while saving up for the expenses in China.

I am pleased to update all of you that I managed to get a place in Beijing Language and Culture University for a 5 months program!

Unfortunately, I did not qualify for the scholarship I was aiming for so I need to accommodate for the tuition and accommodation expenses as well

Detail on needed funds

i able to save my salary for my dream! but it i still need a bit more support to make it completed! here is the detail ammount i will use:

Expenses here in Singapore (insurances etc) – $4450(settled for)

Flights – $350 (settled for)

Visa – $110 (settled for)

Accommodation (homestay) – $890(settled for)

Everyday cost of living – $1850 (settled for)

Tuition fees – $1850 (this is where I am requesting for some help from you Airtripp friends!)


My study plan is already fixed that i will enter Beijing Language and Culture University at september. I will have 5 month study program in beijing.

Why should you consider to help?

You don't have to.

To set the record straight, if you are going to help, you must believe that every person should take initiatives that are in front of them. You must believe in personal development.

Of course, you may think there are many other worthy causes to fundraise for, and you could be right. But to me, this is worth fundraising for! There should be no excuse to keep developing yourself.

So with this new adventure, I am asking for your support!

And i will be very grateful for your help!

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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