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Help A Single Mother Build A Safe Home for her Family

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I'm Mischela Valdomera, a 42 year old single mother who lives in Lumang Bayan, Plaridel, Bulacan, Philippines. I'm here to knock on your hearts asking for help to rebuild a safe home with good environment for my three kids and mother.

It's getting harder each day to look for a way to provide for my family

Times had been rough for me especially in this time of pandemic. Not only it left me not having a stable job, but also being a high school graduate has a detrimental effect for me to look for an opportunity as well.

Challenges are infinite, and it's getting harder each day to look for a way to provide for my family. Currently I'm working as a caretaker of a 2 story house, three story dorm, and a fitness center, earning $2 a day, working for a whole week with no days off and without benefits.

Despite of that, I always persevere and keep thinking about the future of my kids. Aside from this pandemic, several typhoons strike our country especially to our place and left us devastated. Not only our house is located in a poor environment, but it is no longer safe for my kids and my mother to stay. There are lots of cracks on the wall and the foundation of our roof has already weakened due to strong winds during the typhoon, and anytime it might collapse. It left me no other choice but to ask the home owner where I work to let my family stay in their place for the meantime, but of course it's not permanent. As much as I want to get a place for my family, my earning is not sufficient to sustain a family of 5 knowing that I'm a sole breadwinner, and there is no one who can help us including any of my family members since they already have their own family and have their own struggles to deal with as well.

My main focus is to renovate our home

My mother is already 68 years old and had a stroke, my eldest daughter is on her 11th grade, my middle son is at his 8th grade, and my youngest is in 2nd grade. Just like any mother, I'd like my kids to be safe and not experience how hard life is because I want them to reach their dreams and lift us from our current situation.

I've been working hard ever since. I worked as an OFW as a nanny, helper at the market, caregiver, maid, tailor assistant, and took some extra jobs I could take advantage just to earn for the sake of my family.

I have a lot of story that I can share, and my family is my inspiration to keep on going, to work hard each day, and always hope for the best, that these adversities too shall pass. However, as time goes, by my body is also aging. So, before anything else, my main focus is to renovate our home and provide a conducive and safe home for my family. The fund that will be raised will be used for the materials in renovating our home as soon as possible.

The help even in the smallest way will forever change our lives

The help that everyone can give, even in the smallest way will forever change our lives, and it's going to be one of the best Christmas present me and my family can receive.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much for being part of my journey.

With Love,


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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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