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Help my wife recover from heart failure

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The wheel of life is always spinning there is a sense of happiness, sadness, bitter, sweet, everyone must have felt it, as well as me, without a sense of gratitude for physical and spiritual favors that God has helped us, we will never be satisfied satisfied with what we have get until now.

About my family and I

Hello everyone, my name, Madini, I live in Indonesia, Indramayu, West Java. My job is running farms, aside from being a farmer, I also do anything that can be done so that I can buy for my family needs everyday. Because my education was not high, I only graduated from elementary schools, I didn't have any expertise other than in agriculture.

I have a lovely wife that accompany through my life and we have 2 childrens. one of my children already have their own family and one another children helping me running our farm.

Currently, my wife is in not good condition, she diagnosed with heart failure and need immediately treatment.

My Wife began sick since 2015

It was started when she was On way back for visit our child at Buntet Islamic Boarding School in Cirebon, She was fall from motorbike because of theft action. On way back for visit her child at Pondok Buntet Islamic Boarding School in Cirebon, She was fall from motorbike because of theft. Once i heard that news, i send my wife to a small clinic to be treated immediately. She only given sedative and treat the scratch. I send her to a clinic because we are only a farmer, every time thinking about hospital, it might cost a lot and we cannot afford it.

After few month Since then, my wife began to get sick and often complained around chest, head and legs felt hurt, she also often felt dizzy , pain in the stomach and her legs often cramped.

For one year in 2016, every 2 weeks, i send my wife to the health center, and she only given a pain killers.

At 2017, for 4 month, my wife only lay on bed, i treated her patiently, diligently from home because i worried about hospital that cost a lot.

And thank God my wife's feet can be moved again and can stand even though it is not normal as before, I am very happy to see my wife's feet can be moved and can stand.

My wife diagnosed with heart failure

But this condition keeps repeating, when the illness reoccurring, my wife will feel pain, I am very sad if it always occurred. At September 14, 2019 my wife suddenly fainted and her condition was worse than before.

I immediately contacted my family to ask for help, and brought a doctor from the health center. After being told by the doctor, my wife's condition was very severe and must be taken to the hospital, without thinking about the hospital costs, I immediately took my wife to the hospital because I was very fond of my wife.

After being examine at hospital, my wife was convicted with heart failure and bleeding in her head, and had to immediately operated on, I was very frustrated to heard that news.

My wife's medical fee is not yet been paid

I am sad with my wife condition now and confused to thinking where i could get money for my wife's medical expenses. Hospital costs for 4 days have not been paid, surgery will requires very expensive costs and not to mention the cost of treatment for 2 weeks at hospital care.

Aside that i just a farmer that income is not stable, we also doesn't have health insurance. For now, we only depend with some saving i have and depend with our big family help, but it all still not enough to cover all of the expenses. Our home also just a normal home and i am not sure if it will be sell with high amount of money if we sell it. I am thinking to sell our home if we couldn't get enough support.

Plan and Budget

The total cost that must be paid is IDR 200,000,000 or around 14,247 USD, because I do not have an insurance card so inevitably have to pay operating and hospital costs. While I currently only have around IDR 30,000,000 or around 2,136 USD that we have collected the money from our family.

I do not know anymore where to look for the lack of funds for my wife's surgery, I hope to reach 1500 USD here to help some my wife's surgery costs, these costs will be fully used for my wife's hospital and surgery expenses.

Please help my wife

She will undergo next treatment this 21 october, and still continue with another treatment, i really need all of your helping hand for lighten our burden especially on our financial.

No matter how much help from friends, it will be very valuable and meaningful for my wife's recovery. Hopefully God will always repay you with a thousand kindness that multiplies, facilitated by all his work, from what has been given for my wife's recovery, I am very grateful for your help. please help my wife, GOD BLESS YOUR KIND HEART.

Thank you so much for your financial, moral and spiritual supports.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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