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Support for my pineapple plantation!

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Nice to meet you!

My name is Justice Elechi and I live in Port Harcourt, Nigeria!

I'm running this project because I need some help to improve my pineapple plantation!

I can't afford to buy pesticides and fertilizers

My dream has been always to own a farm.

Last year on September I made this dream come true after a lot of effort and using all my savings.

Now, I need to buy pesticide and fertilizers to take care of my pineapples, but I don't have any money left. That's why I'm asking you for some help!

Looking forward to improve my plantation!

It's necessary to use fertilizer on the pineapples in order to let them grow strong.

In case I don't use pesticide, many kind of insects can affect the plants and even they can become sick and die.

As I don't have enough money I can't take care of the plantation as I'm supposed to and the pineapples are not growing properly.

If I could give the plants everything they need, I would be able to get some benefits in the future, and that would be enough to allow me support my family!

My siblings education

My family consists on my parents and my 2 siblings.

My parents are working in a different farm, and my siblings are just students. My family income is really low but if I get to receive benefits from my pineapple plantation, I will be able to collaborate further with the expenses!

Then, in the future my siblings will be able to keep studying!

Details on needed funds

I hope you can help me raise $900 to buy pesticide, fertilizer and plant more pineapples in my farm! Thank you very much!


If I manage to get enough support I will use the funds to first get pesticide and fertilizer for the pineapples.

When I fix my current plantation I will like to increase the number of pineapples.

I will be eternally grateful for your help! Thank you so much!

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