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We are Sebastián Hoyos, Alan Stevenson, and Nicolás Bermúdez, three young filmmakers who have been working together for more than three years on various audiovisual projects. During this period we have grown exponentially in the hands of trial and error, and now we feel ready to embark on the most ambitious production we have ever faced.  

It is a short film entitled The reflection of the gaze. It will tell a beautiful love story that happens in the world of dreams, and the relationship with its false reflection in the real world.  

We are currently in the pre-production process, and we can already realize the high demand of this project at the cinematographic level. Definitely its elaboration will impel us to capture all our talent behind the camera. 

But to meet this goal we must also turn to the generosity of all those who wish to support us monetarily. Your help would give us a monumental impulse to climb this peak. 

We seek to have a sufficient budget for everything that the filming of this tape demands, from the rental of recording equipment, to the payment for the main actors. 

The name of all our sponsors will have a safe place in the credits. In addition, we will keep you informed about all our advances during production. 

If you wish to observe our content, below you can find the links of some of our previous projects. 


"El vuelo de los peces en la tierra":

"Los anómalos infortunios de Sebastián Hoyuelos": 

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