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support my Colombian crafts for my medical treatment

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Greeting from colombia everyone!

My name is daniel, 20 years old. I run a small business by making necklaces, colombia handicraft by myself.

I also suffer from severe skin disease on my face, because i don't have money, i cannot do any treatment

Colombia handicraft

I make several product, i love to do it.

By my creativity, i able to make necklaces and i sell it. Beside i like to do it, it help me to continue support for living, i also wants to expand my business since it is still small.

If there any Good-hearted souls that want to buy my product, you can contact me at


WhatsApp: +573505712238

I want to treat my skin disease

I have severe skin disease since i was child.

That skin disease affecting my face, i don't have enough money to do the treatment. beside my income only from my business from selling the necklaces i made, it is not enough.

I want to treat my skin disease as soon as i can, because if it not soon be treated, it will affect another area too, i will lose my confidence if it happen.

The biopsy treatment is expensive

Doctor said if the only way to cure it is biopsy. But it is too expensive for me to cover it by myself.

I live alone and all of my income only came from my necklaces sales. The profit i use for paying my house rent and also buy for my needs for living. i cannot do enough saving.

The biopsy treatment itself will cost about $1,500 . If it going well, i will use it for my treatment.

Details on Needed funds

I need $1500 For my biopsy treatment. It is big enough amount of money, if i unable to get full funds, I will use it for expand my business and buy some necklaces material, so i can get more provit and able saving more from that income.

My Plan

If all going well and i able to get full funds, i will soon arrange the schedule for doing biopsy treatment.

But if i cannot get enough funds, i will buy some materials so i can produce my product more and i able get more income from my product.

I hope you can help me with my plan for treat my skin disease by support by some funds, or you also can buy my product!

Thank you so much for your collaborated, i also appreciate your help by sharing my project!

thank you in advance!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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