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Please help my mom's hospital bill

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Hello everyone, Good day to you.

My name is Marc from Philippines. My mother, Marlene, is 72 years old and she was hospitalized last august due her complications illness.

The hospital bill reached $3,000. Now i am seeking for your help in any amount to help cover her medical bills.

My mother is a strong lovely woman

Since i was child, She raising me and all of my 5 siblings by herslef.

Even though my mother is a solo parent, she raise us well. i able to graduate, thanks to her. I really proud with my mother

My other sibling now already have their own family and they need to took care of them. Since my mother sick, it is my turn to took care of her, i want to reply her kindness for raising us!

My mother suffer from several complications illness

Last month, at August 27th 2019, my mom hospitalized and send to ICU in manila

She just discharged from hospital at the 2nd week at October, but my mother still need to visit hospital regularly.

There are several disease she have. Diabetes and recently she also got pneumonia. She suffered from water retention in her lungs and lower limbs, due to her weakening heart. Her right leg also got injured from her bed frame.

Knowing about that, as a son i feel so sad and want to do something for her. I take a leave permit absence from work for 2 month and i took care of her.

Hospital bill exceeded $3,000

My mother stay at hospital for more than 1 month, of course the hospital bill also will pile up, it is reached about $3,000.

Philippine health insurance terms are difficult for senior citizen over 65 years. Because my mother already retired, i also took an leave from work, i didn't get paid nor income yet.

That is why we currently on financial difficult now, we depend from help of relative, but the hospital bill still too much for us to afford.

Details on Needed Funds

The total amount of the hospital bill (my mother stay, medicine and doctor fee) in total are $3,000

I am pleading for your help in any amount to help in her medical bills.


As for now, I set agreement about installment payments (pay on several period) to hospital, i need to pay it every month to finish that amount.

And i need to pay it for next month portion. As I will came back to workplace next month too , i hope i can finish the rest if i cannot get enough funds.

Thank you and may your good heart be blessed

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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