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Every person deserves a better quality drinking water

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Hello My name is Frank Vasquez, From the Dominican Republic, Puerto Plata.

Let me give you a brief background about me, I have been working for a looong time with Entrena alongside Fathom impact travel, a social impact travel cruise ship with wonderful and valuable people coming to the DR to make an impact to the neediest communities to provide them a better quality of life.

Since Fathom ceased operation, I kept visiting the communities and tracking the water filters, all those families feel so grateful with tears in their eyes of gratitude, and they hope someday you come back.


In name of local people I want to give the thank you to all the travelers who came to the DR in particular to our community Altamira, We are so happy for the blessing you brought us and till to date the filters are working great, may the Lord bless you hugely for all the good deeds you did to our community. Keep safe, and you will always be received open hands.

While other families are struggling hard to get clean water to drink, they are drinking unsafe water stored in barrels like this in the picture, even taking the risk to get sick with any bacteria or diarrhea, but they Say: we must drink water in order to live.

As we all know the pandemic has affected the entire world, these people in these communities are suffering, kids are getting sick often for drinking unsafe water and they with no money available to take them to a doctor or buy water.

Every time young children drink unclean water, they are putting their young lives at risk from diarrhea, malaria, typhoid, cholera, worms and parasites.

Think about when you are ill with a stomach bug. What if there was no clean water to drink to hydrate you? What if your only choice was polluted water? Your chances of recovering are diminished. 

Listening to them, holding my tears, I have decided to keep on with the impact in taking the initiative to provide them water filters with the help of each one of you in order to reduce illnesses and combat this problem they are living.

"Together we can make a positive impact"

*I personally started a project a few months ago in teaching them languages totally free in the order they can develop so much professional as personal*

Photo of me educating the local people in relation to the care and set-up of the ceramic filters.

The water crisis in the Dominican Republic is largely due to the fact that water systems have been destroyed by natural disasters and contaminated with bacteria. Another issue here is when birds and other small creatures get trapped inside water tanks and die inside, producing a toxic mixture of water, dirt, and animal materials when rural residents turn on their faucets.

Drinkable water can be expensive to buy and difficult to find in the Dominican Republic, as water-selling trucks don’t typically service the same areas every day and charge higher prices than rural residents can afford. Meanwhile, drinking water is often mistakenly stored in dirty containers, which ends up contaminating the otherwise-safe water.

With the money raised will be used to buy water filters to provide them in which 150 families will be benefited. Also, they won't spend money buying water and may use that money for other household stuff.❤

Funds will be used to buy water containers with lids in order to stored water to keep clean and buy some medicines for the local primary aid center since this is another community's issue.

Even going to a public hospital is a problem for the citizen, in hospitals, there's no medicine, people have to buy it.

They say the government has forgotten them, many politicians remember them only in the campaign and promise them to help the community, once they win, they forget. Everybody knows that's a mere truth when we speak about politicians.

I'm confident if each of you contributes with the effort to help with a grain of good faith we all can reduce waterborne illnesses in the isolated communities of El Limón and Altamira.

My aim is to reach every community in need to provide them safe drinking water in order to reduce diseases and increase school attendance and cost savings to each family.

the filter is composed of these elements: Sawdust, Clay, Charcoal and Liquid Silver to act as filtration for the rainwater, contaminated local streams, and rivers.

The most important fact about the water filters is that the water can come from any source, and the filters help make it clean and drinkable.

This is the water source of Limón community where they have to drink the water.

"that's why a water filter is a life-changing, even life-saving, gift"   


The average income per household is $150 a month, and many times, bottled water needs to be purchased at $1 each. With an average family of five, funds are tight and many diseases arise from contaminated water.       


Please consider donating to our Filter initiative. The filters have a cost of $50, the price of a meal out in the United States, you could give clean water to a family, improving their health and financial well-being,   for the next 5 years or more. God and they, would be grateful for your support!

Many of us take clean drinking water for granted.   We turn on a tap or buy a five-liter gallon of water and fill a glass. Simple.   However, for many parts of the world, including several communities in the Dominican Republic, access to safe drinking water isn’t this simple.

The Dominican Republic water shortage and lack of access to safe drinking water are major issues for families like El Limón and Altamira communities in the Dominican Republic.

Due to the poor sanitary conditions. Diarrhea is a very common health issue among children, in particular, and many do not have access to vaccinations for diarrhea diseases, which exacerbates the problem. 

This is a tragic reality for children growing up in the Dominican Republic today.

Notice: if you would like to take part in this project, let me know to include you, I will be really happy to have you inside.

Contact: 829-696-6329


FB: Frank Vasquez (Circle in green with letters)

You would make me very happy if you used the [collaborate by sharing] button to expand my project

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