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Family beekeeping, a contribution to biodiversity

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I hope you have a good day. I want to request your valuable collaboration to achieve a family beekeeping project in the department of Quindío, Colombia Apis-NaturVida; To those who wish to collaborate, thank you very much, have the certainty that they will have helped to realize a dream of an entrepreneurial family.

About us

My name is Alejandro Jiménez

In this photo you can see my brother and my father working in the apiary.

And these are our products.

I have been a beekeeper for more than 10 years and together with my parents and my brother, we have a bee farm and we market their products at a regional level. Now we want to provide an apitherapy service, which is that people can breathe the direct air from the hives since this has several curative and preventive properties of different diseases.

It is a little exploited service in the beekeeping industry worldwide, but it has the potential to be offered to different market segments: children and adults with respiratory problems, athletes (improves their physical performance), people prone to natural medicine and Anyone who wants to live the experience of feeling the noise and the endless aromas of nature condensed by the bees in their home.

For this it is necessary to build a suitable room or sauna, where the hives will enter the air and people can breathe it for a period of time without having physical contact with them, in order to guarantee their safety. That is why we need your sponsorship, and we are convinced that it is an easily scalable project since it has not yet been implemented in Colombia.

Next a model of the sauna.

You can see a model that I found, which was implemented in Spain a year ago.

This will not be built exactly the same as we must implement our style. As for the material to be used, the carpenter recommends that it be in Pine wood, taking into account its cost and quality; and the size of the sauna will be 2.3 m wide by 2.5 m long, here two people can enter comfortably at the same time and they will lie on a surface from which the air will flow directly from those of the bees.

Now, the sauna will be located on the site where we have our largest apiary, said property is approximately 4 hectares and is our property, but since it has no house (it is only the land) we live in the municipality (Genoa Quindío ) which is 4 km away. However, our long-term goal is to build our house there, with the intention of expanding the business.

We also have two other small apiaries near the municipality located in other people's properties, for which we pay rent for them.

Time and budget

The money I intend to raise (1,500 USD) will be used exclusively for the construction of the sauna in question, this amount of money corresponds to the budget given to me by a carpenter from the region who will be in charge of building the sauna.

The budget includes labor and materials and can be built within 30 days once the materials are available.

In addition to the service provided, you will help ensure optimal conditions for the preservation and proliferation of bees, insects that are essential for maintaining biodiversity and environmental quality on our planet.

You would make me very happy if you used the [Collaborate sharing] button to share my project!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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