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I want to improve my earthworm farm to support my family!

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Nice to meet you! My name is Suriadi and I'm from Medan, Indonesia!

I own an earthworm farm, and I would like to get some help to be able to improve it to support my family!

My dad passed away 2 years ago

I'm living with my mum since then because my mum is suffering glaucoma and she can't live by her own. She is 62 years old.

Due to her health condition, my mum can barely work.

She is needing a lot of medication for her eyes but due to a lack of money, she can't purchase them. I would like to improve my business to be able to support my mum with the benefits.

My brother is also collaborating in the earthworm farm

My brother is currently unemployed but he is helping me with the farm.

The earthworms we raise in the farm are sold to make traditional medicine, cosmetics, etc. Now, our production is a little low and that's why don't have enough benefits.

If we could build more boxes to raise more earthworms, we think our business could be improved.

I'm also working as a guide

The farm is not enough, so I'm also working as tourist guide. I need both to pay all family expenses.

I'm working as freelance and my monthly income is low too. I would like to get more income from the farm, so all my family could benefit from this too.

If I improve the farm, my mum will be able to pay for her eyes medication, and my brother could find an income source.

Details on needed funds

I need to get some materials to build more boxes, and that would cost $375. I hope you can help me!


If I can get enough support I will use the funds to get materials to build more boxes for earthworms.

As soon as I get benefits I will take my mum to the hospital to get the necessary treatment.

With even more benefits I will also support my brother.

If I can't get enough support I will try to find help from some acquaintances, however I think it would be difficult. I would really appreciate your help!

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