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I want my son to go to school again

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Hello everyone, my name is pita from indonesia.

This past 4 years, was a very though year for 3 of us. It was started when my husband quit from his job and difficult to get job anymore. He does not responsibility to support us anymore.

Since then, i did take several loans, cover 1 debt with another loan. Like a circle, that i cannot cover us anymore.

I take loan to support my son education, and our daily needs that my salary cannot cover it, it was difficult to fight alone. But i need to give my all for my childrens, because i love them.

Entangled with online debt to pay my son education fee and daily needs

As i mentioned before, our life became difficult since my husband doesn't support us with enough financial anymore. I started to take a loan at bank 3 years ago, at 2016 when our family house's roof if broken. Because it is already dangerous, i take loan to fix it.

My first son entered high school (SMK) at 2017, he need to pay his school, pay the uniform and many more, whether, my salary was already drain because i used it for our daily needs and pay the mortgage bank

Fortunately, my 2nd son whose entered non-governmental high school able get a scholarship because his skill at basketball, i really proud of him.

I diagnosed with autoimun SLE (we called it lupus in indonesia), my 1st son dropped out

My financial getting worse after i diagnosed with having autoimun SLE disease. Even though i have government health insurance, they cannot cover some medicine anymore. This sickness make be unable to work part-time again.

Our income became decreased since then, i cannot do part time that i usually do some food delivery, and some small store in front of my house. And i need to visit doctor and buying medicine continuously until now.

My 1st son also get bullying at school because of his physical condition. He ask for transfer school, but i cannot granted his wish yet because to transfer school need big amount of registration fee.

He decided to dropping out and now he working as a coffee shop keeper and help to support his brother school fee too. I also proud of him with his willing, but i still want for him to continue his study, at least able to graduate from high school.

To able to study again, it needs about Rp. 5.000.000 ($350) for registration fee, whether, the monthly education fee is Rp. 600.000 ($45). i still need to cover several loan i take that have high bank interest that about $1400

i still need to cover several online loan debt that i take and have high bank interest that about $1400

I got a lot of terror and threat from debt collector

I got a lot of rude and terror message from the debt collector every days, and even though the due date only a day, the bank interest was extremely high compared with the normal bank.

By everyday threat from them, i feel so scared and don't know how i can pay it. i happened almost to sell my kidney, and already found a buyer from india. But my close friends suggest me not doing it.

My friends suggest me to open a crowdfunding project which is much way better than selling my kidney. i suggest me to open here in airfunding.

Then i register and hoping everyone with their kindness will help us to facing this problem.

That picture is one of the proof of their threat, their rudeness, insulting words, that make me feel stressed by get it everyday

Budget and plan

I really need this as soon as possible since my loan already passed the due date that reached more than $1400. If i able to clear it, i will be more focus and get my son back to school again. I also need for my son treatment, so he will get more confident to able enter new school.

Here is the details of my needs,

School registration fee : $350

Monthly education fee : $90

Pay the debt: $1400

hair graft for her son : $145

I will use the collected funds to pay off my debt first because the debt collector was threated me badly and redly that i cannot living in peace. If i managed to clear it, i will able to focus for get her son back to school again.

I hope you can help me to overcome this problem, and make my son able to continue his study again

i really grateful with all of your help.!

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