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Meet my friends in Japan and enjoy snow landscapes!

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Hello! My name is Thuy Duong and I live in Ho Chi Mihn, Vietnam! I'm a 16 years old student.

I love Japan! And I would love to meet my Airtripp Japanese friends!

Friends I made in Airtripp

I watch anime since I was a child. I like many of them, like Doraemon! Also I like a lot everything about cosplay!

I started using Airtripp because I wanted to make Japanese friends. Lucky me, I could make many friends, and now I really want to go meet then!

All my Japanese friends are really kind. They're always supporting me. I've even received a birthday present from them, which made me feel the happiest person in the world! I know that my friends are also looking foward to meet me in Japan!

I'm just a student, but I'm doing my best to fulfill my dream!

I'm a highschool student. I don't really have money to travel to Japan. Anyway, I'm trying to save some money by helping my mum in her work as accountant. Thanks to that I receive around $ 20 per month.

My mum is totally okay with the idea of travelling to Japan so, If I reach the target I will make my dream come true!

Also, I'm studying Japanese little by little, so I can have conversations with my friends.

Details on needed funds

I need around $ 1,420 for the flight ticket, passport, lodging, etc. As I'm going to include my own savings, what I need is $ 1,170. I hope you can help me!


In my country I can't see the snow, so I want to go to Japan in February of next year. During February I have some holidays at school and I can see the snow!

Most of my friends are in Tokyo, so I will start there, and after that I will visit Kyoto, Osaka and Hokkaido. I want to admire the traditional side of Japan in Kyoto, I want to enjoy the delicious food of Osaka and I want to see white landscapes in Hokkaido!

Please, help me to make this dream come true!

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