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I want pursue my dream to Korea and learn about fashion design with my design partners.

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Hello everyone! My name is Hsu Wei Kai from Taiwan!

I have a new goal and new point of view after meeting with a hanbok designer at korea.

I want to pursue my dream and want to learn about fashion design in korea.

I wanna raise some funds that can help to purse my dream! i had been already working hard to make it realize, but i really took long time if i do it alone. I wishing your helping hand and your support for realize my dream!

I met a hanbok designer at taiwan-korea exchange

It was happened at february 2018, I joined a Taiwan-Korea exchange program's event at Seoul, South korea.

At that event, I met with a korean hanbok designer, and i learn a lot many things from her. She told me about entrepreneurial process experience and future prospects and many other things that related to design.

But not only that, i realize that my personality is very timid, i am afraid if the time i make a mistake, and have no hope for the future. But she patiently courage me, she taught me a lot of new things, gave me a lot of different ideas and taught me how to behave, and many way ahead that i can change my life.

I want to chase my dream to become fashion designer!

After that encounter her, my point of view has changer. I am very interested in fashion design and want to learn it together with my designer partner,

Unfortunately, In taiwan, the opportunities is not many. There are less people to discussed with, and i cannot improve well in taiwan,

Currently I has been helping my designer partner and promoted her products on Taiwan’s well-known sales platform and translated it into Chinese, so that Taiwan can better understand what is hanbok.

I also helped her to add a description of Chinese in the online community and assist her in answering questions that Chinese customer want to know.

I don't want to became a burden to my family

There are three people in my family. Mom and Dad. My father is an office worker, and my mom is also an ordinary office worker. We are grateful that we can afford some daily expenses, but we are not rich.

For not became a burden, since i was 18 years old, I worked as a care worker and help the eldery.

For me, I think that men who are already adult can't ask for money from home anymore. I keep this idea and haven't taken it since then. I always get a pocket money all on my own.

Even though that, i have discussed with my family about my plan to study to South Korea. My mom and Dad are very supportive. They told me don’t have to worry about their life in Taiwan. and so i told them that i can’t make them burden by the fee.

Details on needed funds

The total will be use is about $8,501. i managed to collect my saving that reach about $5,000. But to be honest, i still need $3,000 to support me for my first year in korea, but i would like to raise $1,430 first to support my 1st month in korea! the details is explained below:

Accommodation fee: $530 /Month

Language school PRICE : $400 /Month

Transportation : $200 /Month

living cost: $300 /Month

Total : $1,430

Plan and schedule

As i arrived at korea, i will enter language school first, if it going well, i would like to enroll the program for the winter next year.

Not only study in a language school, I will followed my design partners to learn the skills of drawing a design. Learn to choose the fabric to get knowledge of hanbok and learn how to communicate with Koreans directly from her. I also will looking for a part-time job to pay for my living expenses.

I hope that kind people can help me complete my dreams. When I have the ability, I will help more people who have the same dreams as me.

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