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I want to collect fund for Exhibition and publish my ArtBook

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Art Book and Solo Exhibition...

Hi, I am currently busy to get more good Christian spiritual books on the Indonesian market. There are so many good American books in bookstores which were never translated into Indonesian because the lack of translators.

 I am a senior pastor of  one  biggest  Church in Indonesia. The things I like to do is writing, translating spiritual books and some  books have been translated by me several years ago such as the Feast of Tabernacles and from Tent to  Temple by George H Warnock, a well-known Canadian Christian Author  and "Corporate Anointing" by Dr. Kelley Varner of America which is currently in the editing process for printing. Beside of being translator, I am also writing a books in Indonesian entitled "Suara Nafiri” (Eng. The Trumpet Sound). The annual calendars full-colors have been created as well several times... that's another talent since I was child. (more detail of me and my talent as painter, please visit: ). To purchase these artworks through this greatest artists site means you stand in agreement with me  to support our services in Indonesia, especially in Papua,  including South Pacific archipelago.  All  of these are the   gifts  God has given me and I must used them as my hobby ministry for His own glorious Name. Such successful works   were used as a fundraising campaign to support our ministry, built the church and the house  during our 17's years ministry as misionary in South Borneo.  Together with Spencer Scrutton from Australia we have also created web site: or in Indonesian and English. All of my works have been accessed on this site and can be printed or copied  freely  without paying online.

I just printed a book entitled "Fundraising Campaign, " 82 pages  containing drawings,  sketches and full-color paintings. This book will be given  freely   to everyone who needed in the framework of  fundraising campaign  for  printing both  spiritual and art books  as well as  to support my solo exhibition  next year.  thus,   shiping cost  is really needed within one month to come.


To thank to  all backers who enjoyed my works and have supported me during this campaign, I will be able to offer additional items and gifts! The awards given as  my gratitude is as follows:

1. To everyone who contributes more than US $20.00 will be given thank-giving card. 


2. Everyone who contributes more than US $ 100.00 will be given a thank-giving card and will receive  one of the items listed below:

                        WEEKENDER TOTE BAG


3. Every backers that contributes more than US $ 500.00 will receive thank-giving card and will receive one of the item listed below:




End noteI am now 64 yo.. still strong and energetic  at work.and I feel that the time is starting to run out and that is driving me to do more for the Kingdom of God in Indonesia. Because  I wanna see the Spirit of God  poured out over my country.  Therefore I've already started to make some changes in my business towards my dream. But it takes a lot of time and money…. And  thank God that "airtripp Funding" will make my dreams come true.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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